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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Disney Books You’ll Never See

Over the years Disney has releases many books. Some have been stories about characters, some have been comic books, and some have been non-fiction. What many people don’t know is that every year Disney decides not to release books to the public that they feel would be taken the wrong way or ruin certain aspects of the parks. Here are just a few of those now shelved books:

“My Addiction to Honey – How I lost Everything” by Winnie the Pooh

“Clown Feet: Cinderella’s Dark Secret” by Sleeping Beauty

“I Ordered the Fish at Narccossee’s” by Ariel

“The Seven Pre-Madonna’s” by Snow White

“He Has Ear Implants – 101 Things You Never Knew about Mickey” by Minnie Mouse

“Crying Spaceman: The Time I Kicked Buzz’s Butt in a Fight” by Woody

“The Ultimate Wingman – Bar Hopping With Genie” by Aladdin

“Chipmunks Are Tasty” by Pluto

“Pants Are Overrated” by Donald Duck

“How to Make Bio Weapons with Household Products” by Professor Honeydew

“I Talk This Way to Get Chicks” by Beaker

“My Life as a Cage Fighter” by Stitch

“My Jokes Aren’t Bad, You’re Just Stupid” by Fozzie Bear

“I Was A Bare Knuckles Boxer” by Gonzo

“The Princesses Biggest Secrets” by The Fairy God Mother

“I Taught Remy Everything He Knows” by Rizzo the Rat

“Why You Should Run Away” by Nemo

“I’m really Canadian” The Autobiography of Sam the Eagle

“Respect Through Fear: How to Compensate Being Short” By Piglet

“I Hate Mice” by Roy E. Disney

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