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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Tomorrow Land Transit Authority – Old vs. New

The new voice over for the Tomorrow Land Transit Authority has been out for almost a year. It has had a very mixed launch. Many people prefer the original version. I have to say I’m one of them.

When I rode the TTA in March of 2010 I kept an open mind. I was determined not to let all of the complaints influence me. I rode the TTA about three times over two days to really let it sink in. There were a couple of things that occurred to me right away.

The new TTA feels like you are on a tour. If you have never been to the Magic Kingdom before that might be a good thing but it’s not very creative and it doesn’t fit in with your typical Disney theme. Almost every ride in Disney World has a story. The TTA use to have a story but now it doesn’t. Instead you get an overview. I think that is one of the reasons people really don’t like the new voice over.

Another thing that I noticed is with the new voice over some of the dioramas don’t fit anymore. They use to be fun advertisements but now they are these odd things that are just there. Most people might not have picked up on that but the new TTA feels like it was just thrown together. It just seems odd.

The TTA is still a classic and I do enjoy it but some of the magic has been sucked out of it. Maybe Disney will catch on and adjust it…then again it is Disney.

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