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Friday, March 27, 2009

Girl Power!

Disney has always tried to have strong female characters in its movies. Generations of girls have grown up watching a plethora of different heroines. There is one place in regards to this that Disney has come up a little short. That place is when you consider video games. Can anyone think of decent video game that included the Disney Heroines?

There is a simple fix for this. It would be revolutionary game that on one has attempted. Take very major Disney Heroine from Snow White to Hannah Montana and put them in a FPS (first person shooter). Each heroine would have their own stage. You have to fight your way through each stage (with the exception of the heroine you chose) by shooting that heroine’s minions. For example in snow white’s stage you’d be fighting your way past her forest friends and the seven dwarfs. At the end of stage you’d take on Snow White herself in a classic boss battle.

As we all know, Disney heroines do not shoot each other with guns. That’s why each boss battle is not done in a FPS format. It will convert into a classic fighting game format that would be like Street Fighter or Tekken.

Another thing that we need to discuss is the fact that this is not going to be a typical shooter. It doesn’t need to be violent and people don’t need to die. If you want that go play something else. There are enough of those games to last you a life time. This would be more tongue and cheek kind of shooter. For example there would be some fun weapons that everyone could use like snow balls, broom sticks, water balloons, and stuff like that. Then each heroine would have her own individual weapon. Cinderella would throw glass slippers, Alice would throw mushrooms, Marry Poppins would have her umbrella, and Minnie would throw her classic hair bows like ninja stars.

I think that would be a fun, although demented game for kids. You’d even get adults playing that. Adding a multi player feature would be fun too. You could add a co-op mode and a vs. mode. You could waste a lot of time on a game like that.

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