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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Toy Story 3 Review

Yes I know, Toy Story 3 came out months ago. I didn’t see it in the theater. It’s a rare day that I actually make it to the movie theater. We have only one within 20 minutes of us and it is ghetto.
Let me start by saying that I was not a fan of Toy Story or Toy Story 2. It’s not that I disliked the movies they just did nothing for me. I think out of all the Pixar movies they are the two weakest.
So what did I think about Toy Story 3?
It’s the best Toy Story movie by a long shot. It’s a very good movie with a great story and a great ending.
I have to say I am happy I did not see this in the theaters. The biggest reason for this is the landfill scene when they are heading towards the blast furnace. This scene shocked me. It was so intense and so dark that for a while I really thought some of the characters were not going to make it. I can only imagine how children would have reacted to this scene. I get the feeling it would be like “Stitch’s Great Escape” or “It’s a Bugs Life.” I can just imagine kids on all sides of you screaming and crying.
There were a few other scenes in this movie that were really tough. One that hits you right away is the pep talk Woody gives. Just knowing that Bo Peep and Sketch, and a number of other toys didn’t make it was rather sad.
On a side note, there was one thing related to this movie that was sad but Pixar couldn’t do much about it. Slinky Dog had a new voice actor. I couldn’t help but see the Slinky Dog and think of Jim Varney who lost his battle with lung cancer in 2000. The new guy did a good job but it just wasn’t the same.
Overall Toy Story 3 was a great movie and worth renting or adding to your Disney collection.

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