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Friday, October 8, 2010

Disney Announces New Killer Marathon

Due to the success of the all the current marathons Disney announced a new kind of marathon last week.

The new marathon has a brutal course that only the physically and mentally strong stand any chance of finishing. In fact many are saying that course is impossible and that no human being can endure such punish ment.

“We’ve developed a marathon that we believe no one can finish,” stated Disney spokes-robot WALL-E.

The course consists of the following path and tasks:

1 - Run from the entrance of the Magic Kingdom to “It’s a Small World.”

2 - Ride “It’s a Small World.”

3 - Run to “Stitch’s Great Escape.”

4 - Ride “Stitch’s Great Escape.”

5 - Repeat steps two through four three times.

6 – Run to Epcot.

7 – Run to the Norway Pavilion.

8 – Enter the exit of “Maelstrom” and just watch the movie.

9 – Run to the “Imagination Pavilion.”

10 – Ride the awful imagination ride.

11 – Repeat steps seven through ten three times.

12 – Run to “Mission Space”

13 – Ride “Mission Space” six times in a row

14 – Stagger back to the Magic Kingdom

15 – Run to the “Tiki Room Under New Management”

16 – View the “Tiki Room Under New Management”

17 – Cross the finish line which is the exit of the ride

It’s currently unknown if the physical or mental aspect of the marathon will eliminate the most competitors. Being forced to ride the worst rides in Disney World is painful if you only have to do it once. Being forced to do it over and over while exhausting ones self will most likely prove fatal.

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