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Monday, August 9, 2010

Another Ride I Want to See Gone!

Everyone knows I don’t like Stiches Great Escape. However, as I’ve stated before that ride is fixable. I can also name about a dozen other rides that really miss the mark and need help but there is one I think is beyond help.

To put it simply, Mission Space is a one ride wonder. The first time you ride it you think it’s entertaining. The second time you ride it (if it doesn’t make you sick the first time) you realize that it’s really a crummy ride. The preshow stinks. The story stinks. The waiting area stinks. The ride is a glorified Turkish Twist only not as exciting. In fact the only thing I enjoy about Mission Space is the queue.

Of course since Mission Space is considered a thrill ride and it cost oodles of money to build I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon. I say that but the first crack is showing in its armor. That crack being the fact that I’ve never waited in line on Mission Space and I do the “Orange Team.” That is not a good sign when you consider its next door neighbor, Test Track, always has a line and it’s a much older ride.

There is only one ride in Epcot I can think of with a shorter wait than Mission Space and that’s the Imagination ride. You know you are in trouble when you can be compared to that ride.

The real killer just occurred to me when my mother asked me if she should go on Mission Space when on her next Disney vacation. I said no. I really could not recommend it to my mother and she’s been on everything else in Disney World.

The saddest part is, you could have a killer ride with a space theme. Space is such a diverse and exotic subject you’d think the Imagineers would have a field day with it.

I know some people might not agree with this but I’d like to see a good old fashion space themed dark ride that goes through the history of space exploration and some future possibilities. I think that would have more shelf life that Mission Space currently has.

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