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Monday, November 23, 2009

200 Posts – The Men With the Nets Haven’t Caught Me Yet!

Ok how did this happen? Two hundred posts. I know there are some people out there that say it’s two hundred too many but I like to think there is someone out there who has read this blog and at least smiled.

By this point someone out there must have lost a bet. If I had to wager on it, it would be either Len Testa or Matt Hochberg. I knew I’d make it at least this far because of an overactive imagination and possible adult ADD. That’s a good creative mix. It allows you to hear something innocent or something other people would completely overlook and run rampant with it.

I want to thank everyone who have been the subject of one of my posts and who has not sued me after. Once again the gang at WDW Today got hit the hardest. However, Nathan Rose, Jim Hill, Ricky Brigante, and Lou Mongello were also thrown under the bus in the last 100 posts.

So here we go. Posts 101 – 200:

Post #101

Electric Water Pageant Video

This was my third announced video. Don’t complain about the quality. My wife did the video.

Post #102

Big Thunder Mountain Video Posted

Video number four! It’s not the best quality but it’s still a fun video. Like I’ve said my camcorder stinks.

Post #103

Captain EO

I had to do a Captain EO tribute after Michael Jackson died. It’s fun to jump on the band wagon sometimes.

Post #104

Epcot Runs Out of Nachos

A fake news report about a surge in nacho orders in Epcot. This post was inspired my Mike Newell’s near fatal attempt to eat around the world.


The Land Greenhouse Video Posted

This is a short video of the greenhouse section of the Living with the Land Attraction.

Post #106

The Best Souvenirs Are Free

A story about collecting fast passes and which ones I have collected.

Post #107

Dining in Mexico

My review of the table service restaurant in Mexico. I love it. I don’t care if you say it’s expensive…It’s my blog!

Post #108

Mmmmm…..Turkey Legs…..

I explain why I like turkey legs and why you’re a loser if you don’t.

Post #109

Disney Announces New Service for Divided Homes

This is a fake news story that announces a new service for people whose spouses dislike Disney World.

Post #110

The New Summit Challenge

A fake report about a new mountaineering challenge involving Disney World.

Post #111

Nathan Rose vs. Jim Hill – The Wager

A very fake story about blu-ray vs. digital copy and how Jim Hill and Nathan Rose caused a cosmic shift in the world of entertainment.

Post #112

The Jumping Fountains

I discuss the jumping fountains in the imagination pavilion. This post is a lead up to my post about the rides at the imagination pavilion.

Post #113

Captain Jack Sparrow’s Pirate Academy Video Has Been Posted

I caught this show in December 2008 and like all things Disney, it ended up on YouTube. This does not include the cast member who later died.

Post #114

Test Track Video Now Available

A half decent video of Test Track in Epcot. You can really see my master film making skills on this one. WARNING: I’m so bad at film making this may cause motion sickness.

Post #115

Theme Parks at Night: The Magic Kingdom
This is my overview of the best things in the magic kingdom at night. This was the post I accidently deleted and had to rewrite.

Post #116

Dancing Fountains Video Has Been Posted

This is the announcement for my Epcot fountains video that is located on my YouTube channel.

Post #117

New G-Force Attraction Planned

This is a demented fake announcement of a new G-Force themed attraction where guests are placed in a giant hamster cage.

Post# 118

Rumors Are Fun!

I review rumors that are likely to happen, the ones that might happen, and they ones that are total fiction.

Post #119

Ride Photos are Fun

This is one of my favorites. I do an overview of a classic ride photo that has every kind of rider in it. From screaming kid to the person who has no idea what’s going on, it’s all in there.

Post #120

Everyone Has a Favorite

This is a rather creepy post about a hidden fact. All guys have a favorite princess. Props to M. Scopa and C. Martin for inspiring this one.

Post #121

Herding Cats is Easier

A story about my efforts to get wife to go on a variety of rides a Disney fan wouldn’t like.

Post #122

Yeti Virus Outbreak Shuts Down Animal Kingdom

This is a fake news story about a fake virus outbreak in the Animal Kingdom

Post #123

Grumpy Flies Defamation Suit

This is a fake story about Grumpy suing people who call him a little person.

Post #124

Hold It In – We All Win!

A fake news story about Disney’s newest “green” promotion.

Post #125

To Pin or not to Pin

This is my overview of Disney Pins and the rules I follow for collecting them.

Post #126

WDW Today Goes to Oregon Trail

What happens when the gang from WDW Today does the Oregon Trail? This post tells all!

Post #127

Another Year Announced – Nothing Like Being Consistent.

I discuss Disney raising their ticket prices and even offer a replacement for “What Will You Celebrate.”

Post #128

New Exhibit Announced For Downtown Disney

This is one of my personal favorites. This is a post about a new exhibit featuring things guests have left behind in the parks.

Post #129

The Imagination Pavilion Rehab – How Not to do a Rehab

I discuss one of Disney’s biggest blunders ever in this post.

Post #130

Getting a Memorable Ride Photo

I do an overview of the good and bad ride photos in the world. I also explain my plans to obtain the best photo ever.

Post #131

Yeti Sues Disney over Breach of Contract

I explain why the Yeti in Animal Kingdom is suing Disney. I also give an alternative reason why the yeti is in the stupid B mode.

Post #132

One of the Best Dining Deals in Disney

In this post I explain why the Hoop Dee Doo Review is the best dining value in WDW.

Post #133

New Servers at Yak and Yeti

I explain the plan to improve Yak and Yeti without doing anything to the awful food.

Post #134

Facebook is Evil…..but Everyone’s On It

I relate my experience with Facebook in this post. I also explain who was the fastest person to respond to a friend request.

Post #135

I Want Number Two!

I express my desire to see Disney come out with a new Walt Disney World Explorer.

Post #136

Disney Announces Nationwide Rehab Centers

This fake news story announces Disney’s new rehab centers for the treatment of Disney withdrawal.

Post #137

Man Seriously Injured on “It’s A Small World”
This is a fake news report about a man who got beaten up by a bunch of dolls

Post #138

Disney to Install Giant Magnets

A fake news story about Disney’s newest idea to generate new revenue…at least I hope it’s fake. I hope I didn’t just give them an idea.

Post #139

The Sims 3 + Disney World = MEGA MONEY!

I explain why Disney and EA should hook up and make a killer expansion pack for the Sims 3.

Post #140

Upcoming Restaurant Reviews

This post shows how my brain works. I plan out my dining locations before I even know when I’m going or what parks I’ll be in on what days.

Post# 141

Disney Accidents

I discus the recent string of accidents in Disney World and actually defend Disney (imagine that) in this post.

Post #142

No Godfather Lives Forever

I explain who the successor to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit is and next Godfather of the WDW Mafia. I also explain why you should never get on Lou Mongello’s bad side.

Post #143

Swiss Family Tree House

I do a review of the classic attraction and discuss its future.

Post #144

Disney Taps Wasted Energy Source

In this fake news story I explain Disney’s plan to capture people’s flatus and convert them into energy.

Post #145

Disney Considers Re-release of Snow White with Missing Dwarves

This is one of my favorites. This fake news story explains how Disney is going to release the original, unedited version of Snow White. You might want to keep the kids away from this one.

Post #146

Mexico’s Tequila Bar Has Disastrous Opening

In this fake news story I explain how Len Testa single handedly ransacked Mexico’s tequila bar.

Post #147

Breaking News: Disney Buys Marvel for 4 Billion

This was an actual news story and commentary in regards to the announcement that Disney bought Marvel.

Post #148

Another Year, another Group of Blocked Disney Books

This is the sequel to my previous Disney book post. This one is just as messed up. You might want to keep the kids away from this one.

Post #149

Disney to Test Parents before Entering the Parks

This is a fake announcement regarding a new program to test parents for intelligence and common sense before allowing them to bring kids into the parks.

Post #150

Buffets Are Fun

I explain the joys of eating at a buffet and the help identify personality types while people watching at them.

Post #151

The Tomorrow Land Speedway

I explain why the speedway needs to be euthanized in this post.

Post #152

It’s Your Right but it is not Right

This is one of my favorites. I discuss vacation etiquette and basic vacation rules in this rant.

Post #153

The Best Restrooms in Disney World

A discussion about where to “go” in Disney World.

Post #154

Mourners Expelled from the Magic Kingdom for Trespassing

A fake news story about a bunch of toads who were expelled from the Magic Kingdom.

Post #155

Did Someone Forget to Google It?

This is a funny review of some extremely poor ideas that somehow saw the light of day.

Post #156

Fantasy Land Overhaul

I discuss the proposed Fantasy Land overhaul and why it was long overdue.

Post #157

Star Tours Part II

I discuss the proposed star tours update and one major problem with it.

Post #158

Disney to Expand Holiday Decorations

This is a fun, fake news story about Disney going nuts over holiday decorations.

Post #159

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Strange Tides

I talk about the new pirates movie and why I’m not excited about it. I also complain about the direction the series went in.

Post #160

Did the Expo Make D23 Worth It?

I rip D23 once again in this post. I show why it’s a horrible value for a majority of people.

Post #161


I give details about my next vacation which I’m not really excited about.

Post #162

WDW Starts Their Fifth Season without a Fatality

I explain the highlights (or low lights depending how you look at it) of the first four seasons of WDW Today.

Post #163

The Country Bear Jamboree

I do an overview of the beloved but outdated attraction.

Post #164

Buy 4 Get 3 Free Making a Comeback?

I leak the leaked info and give some tips for dealing with crowds.

Post #165

Princess Separate Meet and Greet Areas Demanded – Not Desired

I explain why Disney is building separate princess locations in the new Fantasy Land.

Post #166

Disney Releases Travel Advisory

A fake news release about a Disney Travel Advisory regarding yours truly.

Post #167

Disney Promotions

I do an overview of some of Disney’s best promotions and one that didn’t work that well.

Post #168

Lou Mongello Breaks Disney Record

In this fake yet amusing story, I explain how Lou Mongello ate EVERYTHING at the Food and Wine festival.

Post #169

Protesters Object to New Hot Dogs in Disney World

This is a fake news story about Chicken Little protesting the change in hotdogs at Disney World.

Post #170

Big Thunder Mountain

I do an overview of BTM and explain it’s back story.

Post #171


I do an overview of the Maelstrom in the Norway Pavilion.

Post #172

To Group or not to Group

I do a comparison of going to Disney as a group or not in this post.

Post #173

Stich Needs a Break

I rant about Disney abusing the Stich character and what they should be doing with him.

Post #174

Breaking the Mold

I explain which rides in WDW broke the mold and why.

Post #175

Epic Mickey the Mickey Mouse Video Game

I give some details regarding the new Epic Mickey video game.

Post #176

The Death of Cinderella’s Royal Table

I explain why Disney is genius for ruining a restaurant in this post.

Post #177

Matt Hochberg Isn’t Afraid of Dinosaur

In this shocking expose I reveal why Matt Hochberg hates Dinosaur.

Post #178

My Next Trip

I relate what it’s like to wait for 9 months to book a trip you want to take and then finally get to book it.

Post #179

The Temporary Show That Never Stopped

In this post I do an overview of the Electric Water Pagent and explain why it was created.

Post #180

Info on Space Mountain Overhaul Leaked

A fake news report about some insane new features added to Space Mountain.

Post #181

Why the Boardwalk?

I explain why I’m staying at the Boardwalk Inn and why I’m not going to Cat Cora’s new restaurant during my next trip.

Post #182

Pink and Purple Monorails to be Decommissioned

I discuss the tow monorails that were involved in accidents being shutdown and why some of the monorail freaks will be disappointed.

Post #183

Massive Fire in NC Linked to Podcast Personality

In this fake news story I accuse Len Testa of jerry rigging his iPhone to get better 3G reception while using it as a hot plate and listening to Mouse World Radio.

Post #184

The Problem with Planning

This is a brief overview of why Disney constructs their rides when the character or subject seems a little outdated.

Post #185

Ricky Brigante Loves Halloween…For a Reason

In this post expose Ricky for what he is.

Post #186

How to Plan a Disney Trip

I explain the steps involved in planning a Disney trip.

Post #187

Halloween is Over – Bring Out the Fat Man

This is a post that makes fun of Disney for dedicating one third of the year to two holidays.

Post #188

The Best Celebrities in Disney World

I do the good the bad and the ugly of Celebrity appearances in Disney World rides.

Post #189

Picture of the Week: The Only Booze in the Magic Kingdom

In my first picture of the week I show where you can find booze in the magic kingdom.

Post #190

Wow Moments

I explain what a wow moment is and some of my favorite wow moments in Disney World.

Post #191

Jim Henson, Sesame Street, and Disney

I do an overview of the show that’s lasted 40 years and give props to Jim Henson.

Post #192

Vampire Sues Disney for Discrimination

A funny fake news story about a vampire trying to sue Disney.

Post #193

Photo of the Week – The Skyway

Post #194

County Bears Put on Diet

A funny, fake news story about the bears being so over weight their stage was starting to crack.

Post #195

New Rewards Program

A fake news story about a new kind of “stimulus” Disney will be rolling out.

Post #196

Disney to Offer New Childcare Program

A fake press release about a new insane method of child care coming to Disney World.

Post #197

New Sanitizers to be Placed in the Parks

A fake news release about Disney going to extremes to prevent the spread of swine flu

Post #198

Photo of the Week – 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

This is an old school photo of the classic ride.

Post #199

New Video Posted – Disney Montage!

I finally got around to editing a bunch of my video together. It’s not great but some people might like it!

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