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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Narcoossee’s: The Best Restaurant at the Grand Floridian

Narcoossee’s is a restaurant at the Grand Floridian. It’s often over shadowed by the two other restaurants at the Grand Floridian: Citrico’s and Victoria and Albert’s. That’s a shame because it’s better than Citrico’s and far less stuffy than Victoria and Albert’s.

Narcoossee’s sits right on the water next to the boat launch. It has great views of the Magic Kingdom and the lake. The inside is almost perfectly themed. It has large hurricane shutters, big glass windows, and a serving line that you can look right into.

The food is great. They primarily serve seafood and beef. Not being a seafood fan (not everyone in New England likes seafood) you can imagine what I ordered. It was cooked perfectly. Everything we ordered was good. From the appetizers to the deserts nothing was lacking.

The service was very good. It was the only restaurant we dined at where the server actually went out of their way to acknowledge our anniversary. The server brought us each a glass of champagne. It was also nice that she asked if she could bring them first. That showed how attentive she was. I can only imagine if she had just showed up to a table with two glasses of champagne and one of the people was a recovering alcoholic.

The service stood out even more when compared to the other signature dining locations we went to. The California Grill was close. Artist Point and Citrico’s just didn’t compare.

For some people the cost would be an issue. We were on the dining plan so we didn’t think much about it. Don’t expect to pay less than $100 for two people. If you’re on the dining plan it’s going to cost you two credits person. Even considering the cost, it was well worth it. When I think about how Artist Point and Citrico’s are at the same price point, Narcoossee’s is almost a deal. At least you’re getting good food and good service for the same price.
Overall if you can only go to one restaurant at the Grand Floridian, go to Narcoossee’s! I know if I looked at the three options on paper it would be the last one I’d choose but for the overall value it’s the best choice.

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