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Monday, March 30, 2009

Disney’s Untapped Asset

Most people are under the impression that Disney has found a way to generate income from nearly every asset they have. However, that belief is incorrect. There is one asset that Disney has not attempted to profit from. If you are wondering what it is let me give you a hint; chances are you’ve been a part of that asset at one time or another. Everyone who has every entered a Disney property has.

Give up?

Disney has more security camera’s than I can even imagine. You can imagine what Disney has caught on video over the last thirty years. There is a good chance that years of video are recorded and kept on file for legal reasons. With a simple tweak to the disclosure on the ticket, Disney could tap a gold mine.

We’ve all see the videos on the “Caught on Tape” shows on TV. Imagine all the people whose pants have fallen down while doing an unofficial marathon. Imagine all the people who have picked their noses on the dark rides because they didn’t know they were on an infrared camera. Imagine all of the funny outfits people have worn at the parks. It’s gold! I’d buy the DVD of the “Worlds” Worst Dressed people.

Disney could also do a video of all the soccer moms who got pushed over the edge after a long day in the parks and started swinging or the dad who’s been turned into a pack mule and has a kid over each shoulder, a fanny pack, back pack, camera bag, and souvenirs tied to his belt.

When you think about it there are so many options. Of course Disney would stay family friendly and not show all of the ride pictures and videos of people doing naughty things. Big surprise, a number of those has already been leaked onto the internet but Disney doesn’t need to descend to that to make a big profit.

I think the biggest money maker would be the outtakes - videos of the character walking into a wall or door because they couldn’t see clearly. The videos of a character bending over and their head falling off would be classic too. I can’t forget to mention all of the crotch shots. You can’t have an outtakes video without a crotch shot montage.

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