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Friday, March 30, 2012

Dining Review: Breakfast at the Kona Cafe

Kona Café is the open air table service dining location found in the main lobby of the Polynesian resort. It’s on the second floor across from Ohana. Most people of think of Ohana when they think of dining at the Polynesian. After all Ohana has the character breakfast, it’s a much larger location, and the options at Ohana are a little more diverse.

Does this mean you should skip Kona and just head over to Ohana? No way!

The Food:

Kona has one of the best if not the best breakfasts you’ll find in all of Disney World. If you are the kind of person who likes to stuff themselves senseless first thing in the morning before heading out to ride amusement park rides than this is the place for you.

Kona has some really off the wall options. Sure they have some normal breakfast options but this is Disney World. Who wants normal? We don’t want normal we want TONGA TOAST!

Tonga Toast is multiple slices of French toast, stuffed with bananas, rolled in cinnamon sugar, and covered in strawberry compote. If that doesn’t sound fattening enough it comes with your choice of meat. I have eaten this thing twice and both times I thought I was going to burst after.

If you like coffee than you have to go to Kona. It’s one of the few places in Disney World that actually serves coffee (not that awful liquid poo in a cup you find throughout Disney World). They have a French press pot they will deliver to your table.

The Atmosphere:

Kona is an open air restaurant which means there are no walls between the dining floor and resort lobby. This can lead to some noise issues but it’s by no means a loud restaurant. Beyond that there are only a few things to really point out. The fans are one of those things. It’s not often you would point out a ceiling fan but the ones at Kona are something else. Imagine a bunch of wide fan blades bolted to a tube that spins vertically instead of horizontally. It sounds odd but it works.

The Service:

The service at Kona is up to Disney standards. Nothing really stood out but nothing detracted either. Our server was prompt and friendly. Our order was delivered in a timely manner and we did not feel rushed. This is important when it comes to breakfast. Sometimes the desire to turn over the table becomes very apparent. This was not the case at Kona.

The Price:

I normally avoid cost unless it has a positive or negative impact on the restaurant. In this case it’s a positive. When compared to typical Disney prices Kona is cheap. Considering the fact that you might have to waddle out of the restaurant after eating the Tonga Toast you’d think Disney would set you back $20 for it. It only costs $13. Granted that is expensive when compared to non-Disney prices but for a gut busting meal on Disney property it’s cheap.

Overall the Kona Café is a must do if you are staying at the Polynesian. If you are not staying there but want to do a breakfast on a day you are going to the Magic Kingdom it’s one of the best choices you can make. It’s hard to find many places in Disney World that offer more bang for your dollar.

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