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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Why WDW Today Is Ending After 1000 Episodes

Many people have bought into the rumor that WDW Today is ending after their 1000th episode.  The truth is it's not a rumor but a fact.  However, the members of WDW Today have not been honest about why they are ending the podcast.  In fact each member has their own reason for ending the show.  I know why.

Extensive research and hacking into each members personal computer has allowed me to bring you this ground breaking information.

Len Testa:  Len Testa is returning to his home planet where he is accepting a position with the Intergalactic Federation.  His primary job will be the spreading tequila throughout the universe.

Matt Hochberg:  Matt Hochberg will be focusing on his family.  His goal is to have at least 15 children in an effort to score a reality TV show.  It is unknown if his wife is on board with this plan or not.  If his wife decides against this plan Matt will just clone himself 14 times.

Mike Scopa:  Mike will be going back to crime fighting.  Instead of a cop he is going to become a vigilante super hero.  He will punish criminals by making them run until they pass out.  Then he will place them at Gospel Brunch in Disney World to teach them some morals.

Mike Newell:  Mike Newell is going back to the drawing board and will be working to make Mouse World Radio more addictive before the feds catch on and outlaw it. If they catch on he already has his house wired to explode but not until he and Mary escape in his home made hot air balloon.

Annette Owens:  Annette will be organizing her army and taking over a yet to be named third world country in South America.  Once she takes it over she will install herself as a ruthless dictator who makes everyone wear high heels.

Fred Hazelton:  Fred will pursue his life long goal of escaping Canada.

Deb Wills: Deb will be returning to her previous life (see How Does Deb Wills Do It).

A.J. From the Food Blog: AJ is planing on eating around the world.  This will most likely prove fatal as we have seen from Sip Snack and Sic.

Henry Work: As many people know Henry got a job at Disney.  What he doesn't know is that they are going to scan him, dispose of him, and create a new AI Animatronic.  No one will be able to tell the difference because most people confuse Henry for an animatronic anyways.

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