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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Disney Announces Seal Team Six Video Game

Many wondered why Disney bought the copyright to the name "Seal Team Six" after Osama Bin Laden was killed. Well you don't have to wonder anymore.

Disney announced this morning that a new game entitled "Disney Presents: Seal Team Six - Awesome Sauce Death Squad!" The game will feature your favorite Disney characters as they take out some of history’s most villainous people.

The team will be made up of the following characters:

Mickey Mouse – Team leader and all around combat expert.

Goofy – Heavy weapons expert.

Minnie Mouse – Flame thrower expert.

Pluto – The titanium toothed hound.

Donald Duck – Helicopter pilot and stealth eliminations expert.

Dopey Dwarf – Master sniper

Daisy Duck – Hand to hand combat expert.

Snow White – Chain gun expert.
This squad of master killers will take on such enemies as Osama Bin Laden, Mussolini, Hitler, and Justin Beiber.

The battle maps will range from WWII era bunkers to modern day Pakistani Villas.

There will be an exciting multi-player experience offering all of the most popular modes such as death match, capture the flag, and kick Justin Beiber’s butt.

The game is due out for the holiday season on all of the major consoles, Windows, and Mac OSX.

Yes this is a fake new story.  I really doubt you'll get to kill Osama Bin Laden as Mickey Mouse anytime soon.

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