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Saturday, April 16, 2011

There's No Booze at Disneyland...Oh Wait Yes There Is...

It's well known that there is no booze at the Magic Kingdom or Disney Land.  However,  that's not really true.

Many people don't know you can get booze at Disney Land.  Sure you can't just walk up to your average dining location and get booze but you can still get booze in Disney Land.

There is a certain special place that most people can't go to.  A magical place that keeps the average person out and only lets in the elite. A certain place called Club 33.

You can find out a fair amount about Club 33 by just doing a Google search but those sites might not tell you that this is the only place in Disney Land that serves booze. 

Sure it totally goes against everything Walt Disney believed in but who cares Disney makes big bucks off it.

If you don't like the fact that Disney is making money while ignoring one of Walt's biggest pet peeves, do yourself a favor.   Buy some Disney stock. Then you can be more concerned about Disney making huge profits instead of sticking to tradition.

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