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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Movies You Didn't See - Prince of Persia

I truly believe the following conversation took place at Disney before production of Prince of Persia started filming:

Joe - Handsome actor for our hero?

Jim - Check!

Joe - Attractive actress for our strong willed leading lady?

Jim - Check!

Joe - Exotic location?

Jim - Check!

Joe - Excessive amounts of special effects?

Jim - Check!

Joe - Good compelling story?

Jim - ...

Joe - Good compelling story?!?

Jim - Well...we have a story.

Joe - What do you mean?!?

Jim - Well it looks like we gave a rabid monkey a pen and told him to go at it but we have a story.

Joe - Well maybe everything else will make up for it...

I think you get the point.  Prince of Persia will hold your attention for about ten minutes and then you'll you think to yourself "this is just awful."

I think I discovered who could make it thorough this movie without being outraged after.  The deaf.  If you couldn't hear this movie, subtitles were not an option, and you could make up the story based on what you were seeing it might be less painful.

I'd go into more detail about the story and performances but it's just not worth it.  I have no desire to waste  your time. If you want to read about it go check out Wikipedia.

I don't think we'll see many more movies like this come out of Disney.  After Prince of Persia, Mars Needs Moms, and The Sorcerers Apprentice, I think Disney has learned that they need a story if their movie is going to be successful. 

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