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Monday, December 20, 2010

Epic Mickey – Epic Fail

When I heard about Epic Mickey I was excited.  That feeling only grew as more and more info leaked out about the game.  I couldn’t wait to play it once it arrived.  Boy was I disappointed.

Epic Mickey has a decent story, great location, great design, tons of Disney goodness, but the controls are so dysfunctional it’s barely playable.

The controls are so frustrating my wife stopped playing it after 20 minutes has hasn’t returned to it again.  She didn’t just get frustrated she got mad.  In her own words she said “It’s a great game but the controls just don’t work.”

Since then my wife has been playing “Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit.”  I had to mention that because most people would say a Need for Speed game would have to be more difficult than a Mickey game.  Normally you would be right but not this time.

The big problem with the controls boil down to two areas; The camera, and the response.

The camera is never in the right place. You will find yourself always adjusting the camera.  This gets really annoying when you have a bad guy beating you up.  The camera also becomes fixed in places, which makes it very hard to judge distances.  You’ll find yourself falling and dying often because of this.

The response is a whole different issue.  More times then I could count I’d find Mickey not moving even though I pushing a button or direction.  I’d often find that I had to back up and push the direction again.

If you can ignore the awful controls Epic Mickey is awesome and has a lot of fun mechanics.  It can be so much fun that I’d still give this game a mediocre three out of five if you are a Disney fan. 

Let me explain why I give this three out of five.  If this game had good controls it would be a 5 out of 5 game.  If this game had the same controls and no Disney it would be a 1 out of 5.  Knowing that, my advice would be to rent this game, don’t buy it.

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