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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What Gets You Out of Bed?

One of the worst things about the late fall and winter is getting up when it's dark outside.  Getting up is hard enough but when it still looks like nighttime outside it's that much harder. 

One thing that helps is a good alram clock. I have an alarm clock that I can plug my iphone into and wake up to any song I want. I have a few of those tree hugging hippy tracks of nature sounds.  Those are ok to wake up to but they are not as good as something else.

There is one track I set as my wake up song more often than anyone else.  It seems like the perfect wake up track.  It's not too loud or soft.  It's soothing yet not enough to put you back to sleep.

What is my wake up track?  Let me give you a few hints:

1 - It's from a former Disney World attraction.

2 - The attraction was located in Epcot.

3 - The attraction was located in Future World.

4 - The attraction was located in Future World East.

A true Deek has now arrived at two attractions.  Here are a couple more hints.

5 - The attraction allowed you to choose your own ending.

6 - The attraction was replaced my Mission Space.

You have the attraction now but what track could it be?

7 - The track was played during one of the endings.

8 - It's not the ocean ending.

9 - It's not the desert ending.

A majority of the people reading this blog now know what track I wake up to.  For those of you who never rode Horizons or who don't remember the endings - the track is "Space."

There are a number of Disney songs that are decent to wake up to.  There are also some that are AWFUL but they will wake you up.  For instance "There's a Great Big Beatiful Tomorrow" is just punishing to wake up to.  The way it starts could wake someone out of a coma.

If you've never heard the song you can listen to it here.  It's the background music of this Disney slideshow.

What gets you out of bed or what would you want to wake up to?

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