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Monday, November 1, 2010

New Disney Promotion Announced!

In a recent press release Disney announced a new unique promotion.  

The promotion entitled “Build the Future” is based around current construction projects in the Disney Theme Parks.  The idea is simple.  Each guest visiting one of the Disney Theme Parks where construction is going on will have the opportunity to help build part of the park.

“This is a great opportunity for our guests to be able to claim they had a part in building Disney World,” stated the talking trash can in Tomorrow Land.

Disney also released a price list with all the different things true Disney fans can do:

Drive a nail - $50 per nail

Paint a small section of a wall - $100

Paint a large section of a wall - $200

Paint an entire wall - $250

Plant a bush - $100

Use a piece of heavy equipment with supervision - $100 a minute

Use a piece of heavy equipment without supervision - $500 a minute

Stand around and act like a typical job site supervisor - $10 a minute

Dig a hole - $50

Dig a hole with a plastic shovel - $100 (plastic shovel not included)

Dig a hole with an actual shovel - $200 (shovels available for rent)

Use C4 to blast boulders - $2000 an ounce + $500 per explosion. Minimum of three explosions required.

Disney also announced that only Disney fans would be able to participate in the new promotion. When asked who a Disney fan is a spokesman responded that the people participating in the promotion are fans.  Anyone who does not participate in the promotion is not considered a true Disney fan.   However, Disney also announced that people could purchase an official fan certificate for $2000 if they will not be attending the parks during the promotion.

If you couldn’t tell from the fact that the spokes…thing is a talking trash can, the above is a fake news story. However if anyone doesn't believe me that it's fake you can purchase a plastic shovel through these link.

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