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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lay Off the Google!

Have you ever Googled yourself? I think almost every internet user at one time or another has. It’s only natural to be interested to see if you pop up on the information super highway.

I truly believe that some people are obsessed with Googling themselves. That is something I have learned from this blog. As you may (or in a vast majority of the cases may not) know I have been know to write about people from time to time. Most of the time my stories poke fun at people but from time to time I have been known to compliment someone. Based on the feedback I have received I think I know who does and who does not Google themselves.

Here are the ones who do:

Lou Mongello: Ok I’m convinced that Lou is addicted to Googling his name and when he finds it, he lets you know.

Matt Hochberg: Matt Googles himself to a lesser degree than Lou but like Lou he lets you know when he finds it.

Len Testa: Not as much as the other two but I’ve written so many stories about Len finding one would be like shooting fish in a bucket.

Here are the ones who do not:

Annette Owens: If she did she would have found “Annette Owens: Butt-Kicker” and I’d not longer be among the living.

Mike Newell: I’ve accused Mike of being an evil genius. If he doesn’t respond to that I don’t think he’s Googling himself.

Mike Scopa: When one is accused of being an immortal cyborg, one tends to respond. I doubt Mr. Scopa Googles his name on a regular basis.

Then again, maybe the ones I’m saying do not Google actually do but found my blog to be so foolish they did not want other people knowing they read it. After all I’m convinced that if you read my entire blog your IQ will actually do gown by the time you are finished.

Yes, that seems more likely - everyone Googles themselves.

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