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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Resort Rivalry – Part Two: The Moderate Resorts

Here is part two of the Resort Rivalry. This time we look at the Moderate Resorts. Somewhat like the middle kid the cast members at the moderate resorts are often the subjects of abuse.

Caribbean Beach – “Farter” – One that makes no sense without the story behind it. As the story goes there was a cast member at the Caribbean Beach who loved to eat beans and garlic. As you can imagine she was a very gaseous cast member. She used to jokingly say “It’s the Caribbean breeze.” That story got out and now everyone at that resort is called a “farter.”

Coronado Springs – “Rock Head” – As the story goes an employee at Coronado Springs was breaking the first rule of pool time fun - don’t run around the pool. As you’d expect she slipped and smashed her head on the ground. The other cast members who witnessed the accident were shocked at the loud smacking sound her head made as it struck concrete. When she stood up she didn’t have a mark on her. She didn’t even end up with a bruise. People started calling her “Rock Head” from that day on. In time the name came to refer to all cast members at Coronado Springs.

Fort Wilderness – “Tree Hugging Hippy” – This insult was based on a cast member who was often described as “crunchy.” When not at work she dressed and acted like a Hippy. She once stated that she loved working at Fort Wilderness because of all of the trees and animals. The cast members at Fort Wilderness started calling her a “Tree Hugging Hippy.” Little did they know that the very insult they made up would one day be used to describe all Fort Wilderness cast members.

Port Orleans Riverside – “Zombie” – The name is based on a legendary cast member who was also a party animal. He would throw raging parties that would not stop until the sun came up. He’d also frequently keep his co-workers out until the wee hours of the morning. The next day everyone would have to report to work with predictable results. Everyone would be a complete mess and act like a zombie all day. Thanks to that cast member everyone who works at Port Orleans is now referred to as a zombie.

Port Orleans French Quarter – “B.O. Brigade” – This insult came from the old joke that French people don’t wear deodorant and smell bad in the summer. This insult really stuck after a cast member forgot that he had agreed to cover a friend’s shift. He had just finished an eight mile run when his supervisor called him asking where he was. The cast member went directly into work. As you can imagine he smelled rather ripe.

Saratoga Springs – “Yorkah” – Even though there have been very few actual New Yorkers to work at Saratoga Springs the derogatory nickname “Yorkah” has been used to describe the cast members there. The word Yorkah is how the word Yorker is pronounced with a New York accent. The interesting thing is this insult was originally inflicted by someone from Massachusetts. People from Massachusetts do not like people from New York. The bitterness is so ingrained; people from NY often call people from Mass “Massholes.” It is believed that the cast member from Massachusetts originally uttered the insult solely based on the resorts theme and not in regards to any specific cast member who worked there.

In part three we’ll address the Deluxe Resorts.

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