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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Most Neglected Park

People love to complain. When it comes to Disney it’s no different. WDW fans love to rip apart rides they do not like and things they think the company is ignoring. Sometimes I have to admit the complaints are warranted. For example in the Magic Kingdom you find Stitch’s Great Escape is universally hated but Disney has no plans to do anything about it (at least none that have been leaked).

In the Animal Kingdom people rip a majority of Dino Land USA. I totally agree with that. There is no reason to go over there unless you are going to Dinosaur.

In the Hollywood Studios you have Sounds Dangerous which should have been put out of it’s misery a long time ago.

Then there is Epcot. When you break it down Epcot is the most neglected park in all of WDW. There are a lot of reasons for this:

1 – Ellen’s Energy Adventure: This ride is so outdated it’s painful. Ellen looks young because she WAS YOUNG when she did the film for this attraction. PLEASE someone fix this movie!

2 – Mission Space: Mission Space is a bad movie glued to a ride that spins. I’ve ridden it twice and don’t plan on riding it again. It’s re-ride value is really lacking.

3 – Wonders of Life Pavilion: I can’t think of a time in Disney’s past when they shut down such a large portion of a park to never reopen it again. This pavilion just sits there like a skin tag. You don’t want to look at it because it’s unpleasant but you can’t help yourself.

4 – Imagination Pavilion: Possibly the most disappointing pavilion ever; the Imagination Pavilion went from the best to the worst. The ride is broken and now we have a 20+ year old movie installed in a theater and sadly, that’s an upgrade over what was there. The real kicker is, this is one of the most beautiful pavilions from the outside. Too bad inside is rotten to the core.

5 – Spaceship Earth: I love Spaceship Earth but what’s up with the dark tunnel. Did you run out funding? Was there nothing you could even recycle and put in there?

6 – The Trading Post thingy: It was supposed to be an African Pavilion instead it’s turned into a boil on the backside of World Showcase. What a waste of space. I think only people with heatstroke stop here.

7 – World Showcase: I love world showcase so why am I listing it? Have you ever seen the original plans for the World Showcase? It was supposed to have twice the countries it has now. They were supposed to expand behind the American Adventure. Instead everything stopped after Norway was added. BOOOOO!

8 – Norway: Norway is a cool pavilion but it has the worst movie in the World Showcase. That movie is so bad it’s laughable. It’s not supposed to be funny but it is. I feel bad for the cast members from Norway who have to put up with that.

9 – Italy: Not much there is there? That’s because it had its ride cut.

10 – Germany: What’s in that big building? It was going to be a ride but it got cut too.

11 – Japan: Wouldn’t it be cool to have a Mt. Fuji ride? Sure…unless you’re Kodak. Fuji film was going to sponsor a Mt. Fuji ride. Kodak stonewalled it.

Ok I’m done. I think you get my point. Epcot feels like could and should be so much more.

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