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Friday, June 11, 2010

The Cast Member Who Threw Me Under the Bus

My wife doesn't like Disney. I've always gotten a guilt trip when I book a Disney vacation. I thought my last trip in February 2010 would be my last trip. I couldn't think of any way to convince my wife to go back.

When we were checking in at the Boardwalk the cast member tried to talk Disney with my wife. It didn't work too well but she managed to get my wife to say she liked Epcot. The cast member then asked if she had ever been to the Food and Wine Festival. After the cast member explained what it was my wife asked me why I had never told her about it. Wasn't I a Disney blogger?

I'd heard of Catch 22 situations before but had never found myself in one. I could say I hadn't heard of it before but she'd know I was lying or I could say I didn't think it was something she would have wanted to do and suffer the consequences.

That might not sound like a big deal but you don’t know my wife. She records about three to four hours a week of food shows a week. She records:

Top Chef

Kitchen Nightmares

Next Iron Chef

Next Food Network Star

Iron Chef

Last Restaurant Standing

The F Word


Food Network Challenge

Good Eats

Man vs. Food

Food Wars

Dinner Impossible

That’s not counting the shows she doesn’t record. If I ever blocked the food network on our TV you’d find me in pieces. That’s assuming you could find me at all.

After she cooled down she started planning what week would fit in with her work schedule and also thought about who else would want to go.

That cast member really threw me under the bus, but at least I might be going back to Disney World in 2011.

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