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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

300 Posts – Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid

Someone once said that all good things come to an end. I guess that says a lot about this blog because it’s not stopping anytime soon. A wife who doesn’t like Disney, living about 1200 miles away, and a total lack of support hasn’t been able to stop me yet.

What stood out in posts 201 to 300?

The “CMDTA on Vacation” series is one that really stood out. That poor excuse for a vacation showed me the difference between a good cruise line and a cruise line that shouldn’t still be in business.

I covered the passing of Roy E. Disney and did a somber Year in Review.

Post #215 “Awful Weather Predicted for the First Week in March” turned out so true it scares me. I predicted the weather almost spot on, months before it happened.

I once again made fun of WDW Today personality and the Unofficial Guide co-author Len Testa. Len is always good for a fun story.

The Photo of the Week series really got going.

I uncovered another conspiracy in my “Tentfest Revenge” post.

I had a field day with the line up for Eat to the Beat.

Instead of handing out my typical “Thank You” to everyone I thought it would be more fitting to hand out apologies. I’d like to unofficially apologize to the following people for abusing them:

Taylor Dane – I know you’re not dead now.

Hanson – I’m sure some people are still entertained by you.

Kool and the Gang – 70 million people can’t be wrong…I hope.

Len “Everyone’s Favorite Alien” Testa – You don’t hate Donald Duck…I think.

Matt “Mattie Cakes” Hoochberg – For having to read all those emails I send in.

The old guy with the bad comb-over who liked to fart on his balcony during my vacation – Maybe you have colitis or something.

The cast of “It’s a Small World”- I bet you don’t like the ride either

Rick Springfield – Wait I bet you liked what I said.

Sister Hazel – You’re still making money.

Boys 2 Men – It could be worse.

The ugly guy in La Nouba – I know you don’t like being ugly

Air Supply – Over 30 years and still going.

Billy Ocean – My parents like you…I think.

The grumpy bus drivers in Walt Disney World – I’m sure you have a reason to be grumpy.

38 Special – Some people like mullets.

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - There are a few people who still listen to swing music.

Sugar Ray – With enough makeup I bet you’re still passable.

Taylor Hicks – Well at least you have a career.

Night Ranger – I hear “Sister Christian” still gets played in karaoke bars everywhere.

The cast of “The Tiki Room under New Management” – Your ride isn’t awful, it’s just really bad.

Payton Manning – Actually no. I don’t like you or your brother and I have a t-shirt to prove it.

Colts Fans – Because you are Colts fans.

Everyone who likes Disney World and stumbled on this blog - Sorry

Like usual here is my list of the last 100 posts.

Post #201

Tiki Room Intro Video Posted

This is a video of the best part of the Tiki Room.

Post #202

Photo of the Week – Dreamfinder

This photo shows proof that Dreamfinder use to walk the parks as a face character

Post #203

Actual CMDTA News

A post with actual blog news…I don’t know what I was thinking

Post #204

Holiday Wishes Video Posted

Post #205

Be Back in a Week!

Post #206

Photo of the Week – Tower of Terror

This is a photo of the Tower that wasn’t taken from Sunset Blvd.

Post #207

CMDTA on Vacation – NCL Jewel

This is the rant to end all rants. I rip NCL over and over in this brutal review.

Post #208

CMDTA on Vacation – Rotan Honduras

The misery of my NCL cruise continues in this post.

Post #209

CMDTA on Vacation – Belize

If you’re tired of the NCL bashing this post is a welcome break.

Post #210

Photo of the Week - Muppets Height Requirement

A classic photo from a classic attraction at Disney Hollywood Studios

Post #211

CMDTA on Vacation – Costa Maya

The misery of our NCL cruise is almost over. Can we drown our sorrows in Costa Maya?

Post #212

CMDTA on Vacation – Great Stirrup Cay

The misery is almost over. Another NCL beatdown.

Post #213

Roy E. Disney – Dead at 79

I announce the death of Roy E. Disney and add a personal note at the end.

Post #214

Photo of the Week – The Monorail

I display a seemingly bland photo that stirs emotion in a lot of people.

Post #215

Awful Weather Predicted for the First Week in March

A humorous post about awful weather hitting the entire east coast because of two people.

Post #216

CMDTA on Vacation – The Everglades

My vacation from hell continues!

Post #217


I finally get around to watching G-Force and review it here.

Post #218

CMDTA on Vacation – Jet Blue

I do a review of my experience flying Jet Blue. It wasn’t all good.

Post #219

Photo of the Week – Discovery Island

I share my photo of Discovery Island’s most memorable area.

Post #220

CMDTA on Vacation – The Farter

I’m now in the story phase of my vacation posts. I had to kick this phase off with the worst of the worst.

Post #221

2009 – Disney Year in Review

I do a review of the year that many people would like to forget.

Post #222

CMDTA on Vacation – Final Thoughts

I’m almost done with the vacation posts. I explain how I really feel about NCL in this post.

Post #223

Photo of the Week – Mexico Pavilion

I post a photo of the best themed pavilion in Epcot.

Post #224

Illuminations Video Part One and Two Posted

I finally get around to breaking up and posting my Illuminations to YouTube.

Post #225

D23 Gets an Update

I explain the recent changes to D23 and explain why Disney can do better.

Post #226

Does NCL Do Anything Right

I explain the few things that NCL does right in this post.

Post #227

Photo of the Week – California Grill

A nice picture of the chefs in action at the California Grill

Post #228

Not On My List

I list off the attractions I’ll be avoiding on my list. Some might surprise you.

Post #229

Wish List

I cover what I’d like to see in the New Year. Don’t worry I’m not going to hold my breath.

Post #230

Photo of the Week: Jungle Cruise Humor

A photo of a classic sign in the Jungle Cruise Queue

Post #231

Len Testa Hates Donald Duck

A funny post about a fake feud.

Post #232

The WDW Today Chronicles

I finally organize the WDW Today posts into a quick reference guide.

Post #233

Peanuts – Better Than a Cast Members Wages!

I describe a recent casting call Disney made and the wages associated with it.

Post #234

What Not To Do In Disney World

I list off a bunch of things that should be common sense, but sadly, people have done.

Post #235

Photo of the Week: The Land – Hot Air Balloons

A classic photo of something that always caught my attention as a kid.

Post #236

The Main Street USA Penny Arcade

I talk about an old school attraction in the Magic Kingdom back in the 80’s.

Post #237

Apple’s Tablet is out and It’s Called…the iPad…Really?

I make fun of the naming of Apples new gadget.

Post #238

Photo of the Week – Old School Pooh

An old photo of some peoples favorite bear.

Post #239

D23 the Tour!

I explain why D23 needs to do a tour.

Post #240

How to Make It to Your Trip

When your trip is coming how to do you stay calm and not go out of your mind?

Post #241

Can Up Do It?

I explain why up doesn’t stand a chance in this years Oscars.

Post #242's Lines Review Part One

I explain an alternative use for Lines in this post.

Post #243

Photo of the Week: Belly Dancer

I couldn’t help it. I had to add the belly dancer from Morocco to the Photo of the Week list.

Post #244

Super Bowl - I'm Going to Disney World!

I make fun of Payton Manning in this abusive post.

Post #245

Breaking the Law!

A goofy post about daring things that shouldn’t get you kicked out of the parks.

Post #246

Tent Fest Revenge

I explain why the guys at the WDW Today Podcast timed tent fest to keep me out.

Post #247

Tower of Terror Update

I question the thinking behind the proposed Tower of Terror update in this post.

Post #248

Matt Hochberg – Better Than Zoloft

I poke fun at one of the hosts of the WDW Today Podcast and his astonishing admission on a recent episode.

Post #249

Photo of the Week – Indiana Jones

A Photo of the much beloved attraction.

Post #250

Disney Did Something Smart?!?

I actually give Disney credit for making a smart business decision

Post #251

WDW Today – Answers Them All Most of the Time

I review all of my WDW Today Emails

Post #252

When You're Ten Days Out

This is a useful post about dealing with weather while traveling.

Post #253

Photo of the Week: The Liberty Belle

A photo of the classic Magic Kingdom Attraction

Post #254

Coming Soon to CMDTA!

A list of upcoming blog subjects resulting from my vacation.

Post #255

Review: The Complete Guide to Disney World

I review the 2010 Complete Guide to Disney World

Post #256

Unofficially Banned From Disney World

A fake news story about why the State of NH has banned me from Disney World

Post #257

Photo of the Week: The Boardwalk

A lovely night time photo of the Boardwalk Resort.

Post #258

New Video – Festival of the Lion King

I posted the Festival of the Lion King to YouTube in four different parts.

Post #259

Dining Review: The Hollywood Brown Derby

My review of the Brown Derby in DHS

Post #260

Walking Into the Prime Time

I relate our experience of eating at the bar at the 50’s Prime Time Café.

Post #261

New Video: Tomorrow Land Transit Authority at Night

A decent video of the TTA after dark.

Post #262

New Video: Splash Mountain Drop in Slow Motion

An actual slow motion video of the drop in slow motion. This is no a slowed down video, it was filming in slow motion.

Post #263

Photo of the Week: Nighttime Terror

A photo of the Tower of Terror at night when it’s lit up in purple.

Post #264

New Video: American Adventure Drummer Corps:

The marching band that plays in front of the American Adventure

Post# 265

New Video: Mexico Mariachi Band

An average video the mariachi band that plays in the Mexico Pavilion. It would be better but a lot of people walked in front of me. Somehow this became my second most viewed video every.

Post #266

Year of a Million Screams

A fun dissection of kids (and parents) having meltdowns.

Post #267

New Video: Glass Worker in Mexico at Epcot.

A neat video of a glass worker making a Goofy figurine.

Post #268

La Nouba – Is It Worth the Money?

A review of La Nouba at Downtown Disney

Post #269

The Festival of the Lion King

I do a review of the Animal Kingdom attraction.

Post #270

Kouzzina – Poopa

My review of Cat Cora’s Kouzzina.

Post #271

Photo of the Week: The Mexico Pavilion

A great photo of the temple inside the Mexico Pavilion

Post #272

Voyage of the Little Mermaid

My overview of the DHS attraction.

Post #273

New Video – Splash Mountain

A new video of Splash Mountain originally filmed in 1080p. I don’t know why but this is the most viewed video I have ever posted.

Post #274

New Video: Pirates of the Caribbean

An ok video of a beloved Disney classic.

Post #275

Photo of the Week: The Best Sign in Disney World

A photo of the Hollywood Tower Hotel sign when the LEDs are lit up.

Post #276

It’s a Small, Awful, Painful, Boring, World

A lovely review of one of the most painful rides in Disney World.

Post #277

Tusker House Review

My review of the Animal Kingdom buffet location.

Post #278

Le Cellier: Does It Match the Hype?

My review of the famous Le Cellier.

Post #279

Boy Dies at Ft. Wilderness after Being Struck by a Bus

Breaking news about a 10 year old boy involved in an accident in Disney World.

Post #280

New Video: Big Thunder Mountain

A decent video of BTM originally in 1080p.

Post #281

New Video: Test Track

An ok video of Test Track.

Post #282


I do an overview of a couple of the random shows in Disney Hollywood Studios.

Post #283

Miracle Ear Must Have Boosted Their Sponsorship

I expose the conspiracy again! Disney World isn’t just the happiest place on Earth it’s the loudest.

Post #284

Review: The Boardwalk Resort

My review of the Boardwalk Inn Resort.

Post #285

Photo of the Week: Illuminations from the Boardwalk

A great photo of Illuminations taken from a room at the Boardwalk


New Video: Gran Fiesta Tour

A decent video of the boat ride in the Mexico Pavilion

Post #287

New Video: Wishes

A decent video of Wishes from a different view point,

Post #288

Beauty and the Beast Live

My review of the live attraction at DHS.

Post #289

Sponge Bob Must Die!

A classic photo you can’t find anywhere else. Only in NH would you burn Sponge Bob in a bon fire.

Post #290

What Not to Wear in the Parks

This is a non-fiction article about the horrific things people have worn into the theme parks.

Post #291

Review: The Garden Grill

My review of the Garden Grill in the Land Pavilion.

Post #292

Photo of the Week – The Brown Derby

A cool photo of the Brown Derby’s sign at night.

Post #293

Another View of the Hoop Dee Doo Review

I go back and do the Hoop Dee Doo again.

Post #294

Review: The Color Companion to the Unofficial Guide

My review of one of the best guides around.

Post #295

Review:’s “Lines” In Action

My review of “Lines” based on using it in all four Disney parks.

Post #296

Eat to the Beat

I have a field day with the lineup for Eat to the Beat.

Post #297

Review: The Crystal Palace

My review of the Crystal Palace in the Magic Kingdom.

Post #298

Wow That Was Bad

My overview and video of an awful jungle cruise ride.

Post #299

Photo of the Week: The Electric Water Pageant

A fun picture of the Disney classic

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