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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wow That Was Bad

I did a post a while back called “The Hit or Miss Ride.” It was about how having the right skipper either made the Jungle Cruise one of the best or one of the worst rides.

On my 2008 vacation we had an amazing skipper. She was awesome. On our last vacation we had a bad skipper. He wasn’t interactive, we couldn’t hear him, he didn’t do anything fun. He was just going through the motions. It was so bland that I can’t think of one thing that was good about it.

I’ve posted the video on YouTube so you can see what ride is like. Click here to see it.

I don’t have anything against this guy. He just really needs to take some notes from the other skippers. He could vastly improve. I hope he’s new. At least then I would understand. I guess he could be having a bad day too.


  1. That is Frank...he has been a skipper for 20 years...yes....20 years!

    he is an awful skipper...and a even worse cast member

  2. Wow...why not move him to another ride? Hey I bet he'd be great at the Haunted Mansion. He wouldn't have to change anything!

  3. oh jesus...frank. Sorry you had to get him. Yea hes been there for over 20 years, he wont get trained anywhere else and we can't force him out because he isn't doing anything outside the operating guidelines. Speaking as a skipper who works with him everyday.....i am so sorry.

  4. Also he did something that a lot of skippers do from time to time....say the wrong part of the speil at the wrong show scene. He talked about the temple when he got to the natives. not an uncommon mistake, these things happen when you say the same thing over and over and over, but usually other skippers will call themselves out on it, frank just keeps going with it.....hahah

  5. Frank has been with the company so long, he knows what he is allowed to get away with. He knows all the loop holes, and he is technically putting on the show at minimal requirement, he is saying what he is told to say. He's technically required to do no more...

    As we Skippers are told when we are training, Jungle Cruise is not a comedy club, we don't really have to go all out, we just choose to for yours...and ours...entertainment.

  6. You'd think the Jungle Cruise could be really fun to work at. You can really interact with the guests. I wonder why he wants to stay there. You'd think he'd want to do something he enjoys at least a little.