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Monday, April 26, 2010

Review: The Color Companion to the Unofficial Guide

A few months ago I did a review of “The Complete Guide to Disney World.” At the time I recommended teaming it up with the Unofficial Guide to have everything you could possibly want in a guide book - the Unofficial Guide for planning and the Complete Guide to get you pumped up. I even got my overall opinion read on “Inside the Magic” episode 259 in the listener feedback section.

I have to retract that recommendation.

The Color Companion to the Unofficial Guide is here. It’s bigger, has more photos, more information and is funnier than the Complete Guide. This is basically the guide you’d get if the Unofficial Guide and the Complete Guide had a kid.

I’d state the good but that would take a while and it would sound like my Complete Guide review. There isn’t much bad about this guide either. There are only two areas where the Complete Guide beat the Color Companion. The first is the paper quality. The paper quality of Complete Guide is slightly better than the Color Companion but the Color Companions paper is better than the Unofficial Guide.

The second are the Complete Guide beats the Color Companion is in the quality of the photos. Don’t get me wrong, the Color Companion has amazing photos but the photos in the Complete Guide are nearly flawless.

Those are the only two areas I could find. The Color Companion is better in every other way.

If you are in the market for a guide book here is my recommendation:

If you can only buy one – The Unofficial Guide

If you can buy two – Unofficial Guide + the Color Companion

If you can buy three – Unofficial Guide + the Color Companion + Complete Guide

I’d recommend all three because you will get two different viewpoints if you have all three. Using Amazon you can get all three for less than $50. In other words for less than $50 you’ll have enough info to answer almost any Disney World vacation question.

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