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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kouzzina - Poopa

Let me start by saying my grand mother was a full blooded Greek. I ate a lot of spinach pie, baklava, and lamb when I was a kid. I was looking forward to Kouzzina because it’s really hard to find good Greek food. You can’t overlook the name that goes with it. Cat Cora of Iron Chef fame is behind this place.

I’ll start with the food. Kouzzina has great food. I ordered the cinnamon stewed chicken. My wife ordered the flank steak. Both were great. We go the Loukoumades (donut holes) for desert. They were steaming hot and had some great dipping sauces with them.

Now for everything else: Kouzzina is the loudest restaurant you will ever eat at. There are no surfaces that absorb sound. It’s all hardwood and metal surfaces. It’s so loud my wife and I had to yell at each other to talk and we were not even sitting it the loudest part of the restaurant. The sad part is there is not music or anything like that. It’s just people talking that makes this restaurant so loud. The open kitchen doesn’t help either.

Service: The service was bad, really bad. Our waitress said hi, grabbed our drink orders, and then disappeared. When she showed up again with the drinks she took our orders and said she’d get us some bread. Time went by. More time went by. She ran by and said she still had to get our bread. Then our entrees came. Then she showed up with the bread. She said she was sorry but better late than never. Then she disappeared again. Another big issue was the drinks. They were often empty. At one point my water was bone dry empty for over five minutes. That is a huge no, no.

Price: The price was excessive. It was very expensive and we didn’t even get an app. For what it was it was really over priced. The only reason this restaurant stays open is because Cat Cora’s name is on it. That won’t last forever.

I would rather eat at Yak and Yeti or Citricos again then go back to Kouzzina and that’s saying a lot (see Yak and Yack and Yeti and Citricos: Where’s The Burping Troll When You Need Her). Kouzzina was one of the worst dining experiences I’ve had in Disney World.

I guess I can sum it up in one word POOPA!

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