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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wish List

So it’s a new year and most companies are ready to roll with their strategic plans. Disney is no different. They no doubt have a plan for the year. That leads me to wonder what would I like to see happen in the next year?

  1. Future World Renewal – Future World is part great and part garbage. I’d love to see the Universe of Energy get a makeover. I’d also love to see the Imagine Pavilion brought back from the dead.

  1. Finish the World Showcase – It’s been how long? Forget years, how many decades have you had to finish the world showcase? I was nine when the last pavilion opened. I don’t want one, I want two new countries! No actually I want as many as will fit over there. It’s time for some new countries.

  1. Ease Off the DVC – I can’t afford DVC. Even if I could my wife would murder me if I bought into it. It seems like all of the new resorts are either non-Disney or DVC. Why not pull one of the old ideas out of your hat? There were some great plans back in the day. You’ve got the room.

  1. Expand the Monorail – You know the worst part about the Animal Kingdom is getting there. Can you imagine if the monorail went there?

  1. More Bang for the Buck – Over the last few years more and more has been stripped out of Disney and at the same time ticket prices have increased. Stop that! Just leave the prices alone and start adding stuff back in.

  1. Roll Out the Booze – Alcohol doesn’t ruin the family atmosphere at Epcot, Animal Kingdom, or Disney Hollywood Studios so why can’t I get a drink in the Magic Kingdom? The Magic Kingdom would be a little more Magical if I could get a shot of Glenlevit somewhere.

  1. Walt Disney World Explorer 2010 – I’d be very happy if you would do a new Walt Disney World Explorer. I loved that CD. It was the best. I wasted so much time on it, it’s embarrassing. I’d pay top dollar for it but knowing my luck you’d only release it on PC.

  1. Castle Suite – I’d like to stay in the castle suite. Is that too much too ask? It’s not like its being used for anything.

  1. Epic Mickey – Please let Epic Mickey be a good video game. Don’t wreck it by trying to please everyone.

  1. Stich – Please put Stich out of his misery. Everything you have put him in has been a mess. If you can’t use Stich right don’t use him at all.

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