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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Does NCL Do Anything Right

After reading about my experience on NCL I left some people wondering if I was just an embittered person trying to make up for the fact that I had a bad vacation. That’s not true. My goal is to explain what I experienced so you can judge for yourself. That’s why in this post I’m going to explain what NCL does that is good.

1 – Deposit on a Future Cruise: If simply put down $250 towards a future cruise NCL gives you $100 in on board credit. This isn’t your average program. First you do not need to pick a cruise. It’s good towards any cruise in the future. Second you don’t need to use an NCL travel agent when you find a cruise you want. You’re travel agent can book it for you. The $250 reserves the cruise. Normally if cost at least $500 to reserve a cruise. You have a year and a half to cruise so you have plenty of time.

2 – Tasters: NCL does multiple tasters throughout the week. For $15 you get four drinks. That’s a great deal. They do one for martinis, beer, whiskey / scotch, and more. How many they have depends on the length of the cruise.

3 – Customer Supplied FAQ on Their Website: NCL has a part of their website where you can ask questions. That’s not a big deal. However, users can answer other people’s questions. This allows for some information to be shared that NCL normally wouldn’t share.

4 – Serve Yourself Soft Serve Ice Cream: The only way this would be better is if it was available 24hrs a day.

5 – Hand Sanitizer Stations: They have these at every restaurant and when you get on and off the boat. They also make you use them. If only the airlines did that.

Ok that’s about it. Are those enough to make you go on a cruise with NCL? I doubt it but keep in mind that there are a lot of people out there who like NCL. My parents like NCL. That blows my mind. I think it is because they are older. Old people seem to like NCL.

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