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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

CMDTA on Vacation – Great Stirrup Cay

The final stop on our cruise of misery was Great Stirrup Cay an island that is privately owned by NCL and located in the Bahamas. What was it like? It’s owned by NCL. Does that answer you question?

We shouldn’t have been surprised but we had to take a tender to get off the boat. That means another miserable line filled will whiny, grumpy people.

We got our tickets and after a while, got off the boat. Thankfully they used actual boats to tender us in so it didn’t take long.

We picked a spot on the beach and then went snorkeling. That wasn’t bad except NCL makes you wear a vest. Even if you brought your own gear you were still required to rent a vest from NCL if you wanted to snorkel on the island. The funny part was the vests were inflatable but you were not required to inflate them. You just had to wear them.

Lunch on the island was grilled stuff. More over cooked hamburgers and nasty sides to fill your gullet with! Of course NCL had to give it their own flare so there were no set lines or any kind of organization.

It came time to get off the island. We just missed the previous boat so we had quite a wait ahead of us. While we were waiting NCL was filling up another boat with equipment and staff. Once all the staff and equipment were on board it took off. Some crusty, old, fart behind me didn’t like that. Apparently he thought they should have put some customers on there too. They tried to explain that the boat goes to a different part of the ship. He didn’t care. By this point I’d in the cruise my last few shreds of patience were starting to snap. I really considered picking him up and planting him head first into the trash can if he didn’t shut up. He didn’t shut up until the other tender arrived.

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