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Friday, November 20, 2009

New Sanitizers to be Installed in the Parks

Disney recently installed hand sanitizers in all of the parks in an effort to prevent the spread of swine flu. For years many cruise lines and hospitals have had these dispensers in place and they have proved somewhat effective.

For Disney the big question was – How can we be completely effective?

In a recent press release Disney answered that question.

New scanners and sanitizers are to be installed at the entrances of all of the parks, resorts, and Downtown Disney areas.

The scanners quickly determine if a person is “infected.” If the result is positive the sanitizers kick in and “sanitize the person.

“We picked up these sanitizers at an auction. If they look familiar there is a reason for that. They are the zappers from the Tom Cruise version of “War of the Worlds,” stated Stich, head of special projects.

Disney had to overcome one big problem. The result of the “sanitation” process is a big pile of ash. This problem was corrected by placing high powered vacuum cleaners under in ground where the “sanitation” takes place.

“I think it’s important that we can guarantee that there are no sick people in Disney World. This sanitation policy ensures that,” stated the Mrs. Incredible, concerned mom and health expert.

Beware that the “sanitation” process is permanent. If you even think you might have the sniffles, stay away from Disney World.

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