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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It’s Prime Time

When eating in a theme park my expectations are low. However, my expectations change a little based on the park. If I’m in Epcot I have high expectations. If I’m in Animal Kingdom I expect airline food. If I’m in the Magic Kingdom I don’t expect much. DHS is an odd ball. You get both extremes. Everyone has told me that the Brown Derby is great. It’s also very expensive and cost two table service credits on the dining plan. Maybe next time I go, I’ll check it out. The Sci-Fi Diner is puke on a plate. It’s a classic example of great atmosphere not over coming awful food. The final sit down experience is the Prime Time Café.

The Prime Time Café is a great little restaurant. When you walk in you smile. It’s like stepping into a 1950’s sitcom. I’ve been told all of the decorations are authentic. If that’s true it must have taken the imagineers years to collect that much 1950’s era swag. Throughout the restaurant they are also playing old school sitcoms on numerous TVs. Some of these are amazingly obscure. They were playing some I’d never even heard of.

The food isn’t bad. That might not sound very positive but for a theme park the food is above average. It’s real Americana fare. Things like meat loaf and other kitchen table favorites make up a majority of the choices. There are also some spin offs that are amazing. For instance, take a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and turn it into a milk shake. That might sound nasty at first but it’s is unbelievable. It must have about 4000 calories in it but you’ll love every last one of them.

The service is fun. Even a bad server here can be fun. The whole idea is that you are a family member that’s been invited over for dinner. A lot of the servers play that up. For example – you better clean your plate. God help you if you don’t. Remember to keep your elbows off of the table too. You might have to take the trash out if you don’t. I’m not kidding. They’ll make you get up and take the trash out or sweep the floor if you misbehave.
In the end, the Prime Time Café is a great family restaurant and worth visiting next time you hit DHS.

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