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Friday, March 13, 2009

D(ouh!) 23

Well D23 finally landed. After all the speculation and anticipation finding out what D23 is like going to the doctor and finding out it’s time for you first prostate exam. It’s exciting…just not in a good way.

I’ve always wanted to pay someone $75 to slap me in the face. Now Disney has provided me that chance! I can pay $75 to join an online community that is completely controlled by Disney, get a magazine, a certificate that reminds me how stupid I am, a membership card, and (to save the best for last) the honor of buying limited edition merchandise!

In February I did a post about what D23 was going to be. I was just kidding around. I put some fairly awful things in that post. Any of them would have been better.

It takes a lot of nerve or stupidity to come out and say that you’re creating a fan community because no one has gotten it right yet. To say that the content on other sites is “pretty good” is a nice backhanded complement. What’s really funny is, when you claim you did a lot of research to find out what people wanted and then you provide D23 as a result. That’s like saying you’re going to come over my house, pull the ears off my basset hound, and then tell me it’s an improvement because your research says so.

The real irony is that Disney fans created what they wanted. If there was a demand a fan filled it. People wanted a magazine after Disney canned theirs so the Disney community came out with two of them. People wanted a place to discuss Disney. Next thing you know we have dozens of sites for that. People wanted podcasts. Now we have more podcasts than you can shake a stick at. We wanted music and now we have and mouse world radio! People wanted a place to rent their DVC points and guess what?!? There’s a couple of them! If we had wanted to pay through the nose to join a club during the biggest financial crisis since the great depression one of us would have already come out with that.

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