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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

That Music Is AWFUL…but I Love It

No matter where you go in Disney World you’ll hear music. In some cases it’s very obvious. In other cases you won’t even notice it. In all cases it adds to the overall experience.

Some of the music is sadistic. My wife knows this first hand. After riding the Carousal of Progress she had the theme song stuck in her head for the rest of our trip. She will always remember Disney when she hears that song. Arguably the most sadistic of all Disney songs is the theme to It’s a Small World. Even if avoid the ride the music finds a way into your ear. Once it’s there you just want shove a pencil in there to try and get it out. Banging your head against a wall doesn’t work.

There are some songs / music that can really bring you back to the parks when you hear it. For me it’s the music from Splash Mountain. The other one that really brings me back even though I don’t think it’s played at the parks anymore is the Epcot Entrance Medley. The background music from any of the parks can also do this. Sometimes I can’t remember ever hearing the music but it will bring me back. These cases really show the impact of music. Chances are you were not actively listening to that music but your brain was in the process of creating a memory with that music tied into it.

Everyone has a different song. It could be the Tree of Life music, the song from the American Adventure, O Canada or Pirates. In any case you know the power of music. If you don’t own any Disney CDs you get a fix at Mouse World Radio. If there is a song that you just have to have, you might be able to find it at

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