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Friday, February 13, 2009

The Liberty Tree Tavern

I’ve found that if you take an average restaurant with average food and place it in one of Disney’s Theme parks, you can charge a premium and the restaurant will be busting at the seams.

I had lunch at the Liberty Tree Tavern. The food wasn’t bad but I made a foolish mistake. I ordered the pot roast. The post roast was decent. If it was decent why was it a mistake or order it? If you are from New England chances are you’ve eaten your weight in pot roast. Often home made pot roast is second to none but if you don’t want to spend the time making it you can hit Durgin Park in Quincy Market. Pot roast outside of New England is just average. That’s not an insult to people who make it outside of NE. I think you need the temp needs to be below 30, salty air, need to be wearing a Red Sox jersey while watching the Pats beat the Jets, and have a funny accent to make it correctly.

The decorations were ok but it doesn’t compare to about two hundred restaurants in NE and to compare it to Plymouth Plantation is just mean.

The service wasn’t bad but it was rushed. That leads me to the biggest problem with the Liberty Tree Tavern. It seats an insane number of people. When you seat that many people in one restaurant, the food is going to suffer a little and service is going to be marginal. When we had lunch the place was mobbed. I mean it was busting at the seams. If we hadn’t had an ADR we would have been going to the turkey leg cart for lunch.

When compared to the other options in the park, Liberty Tree Tavern is a decent choice. It’s one of the best restaurants in the Magic Kingdom. Keep in mind, that’s like saying I have best cell on death row. The dining options in the Magic Kingdom are limited. The bar isn’t very high. In fact the bar is so low I bet a drunk could step over it after a bender.

Then again why would Disney put a decent non-buffet table service in the Magic Kingdom? There is no reason to. Like I said the place was busting at the seams.

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