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Monday, February 9, 2009

It’s Good…Let’s Ruin It!

In 1995 I ate at Artist Point. It was one of the best meals I’d ever eaten at Walt Disney World. The portions were good, the menu had a lot of options, and nothing I or my family ordered was bad. It really stood out as a fine dining experience.

Fast forward 13 years. I brought my wife to Artist Point. I know a lot can change in 13 years but I wasn’t expecting what we ran into.

First – the atmosphere. The atmosphere in Artist Point is nice. It has tall windows all over the place, a huge ceiling with a large chandelier, and some western artwork.

Second – the service. The service was decent. Our server was nice but he didn’t really do anything that would put him in the great category.

Third – the food. Totally forgettable. I wish I was kidding. I can’t remember what I had. It was so ordinary and cookie cutter that I forgot. I can tell you what I had 13 years ago (quail) because it was that good. This time nothing stood out. It was just an average dining experience at a fine dining price. If there was a corner that could be cut, Disney cut it. The berry cobbler is the biggest example. In 95 it was the size of a dinner plate with tons of berries and ice cream. It was so awe inspiring I took a photo of which I put into this post. It’s been reduced to the size of an ice cream bowl with less of everything, but double the price. Now that’s what I call progress!

Thank you Disney World for taking a fond memory and giving it a swirly. Maybe you could come over my house and replace my TV with a 13 inch black and white tube TV. Or grab my PS3 and replace it with a Sega Dreamcast.

If I go back, I’m guessing the berry cobbler will be an English muffin with raspberry jam on it. Oh stupid me…I should have kept my mouth shut…I can only imagine a Disney stooge reading this and thinking “Wow! Why didn’t I think of that?!? Someone get Food Services on the phone. Papa’s getting a bonus this year!

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