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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Citricos…Where’s the Burping Troll When You Need Her?

Every now and then you go somewhere that is just amazing. Amazing can be good or bad. I only heard good things about Citricos. That should have been a warning. I should have thought “it can’t be that good” but I didn’t. Because of all the hype I planned it for our last night in Disney World. It was a memorable meal. Memorable like when you were a kid and someone farted at the dinner table, ruining everyone’s appétit.

Citricos was not good. The atmosphere was ok. I wasn’t impressed but it wasn’t bad. We got stuck in some far corner by a pillar but I wasn’t there for the atmosphere. The food was ok but I wasn’t amazed by anything I had. I even went out of my safety zone and tried some different stuff in hopes of finding a gem. I didn’t find any gems that night. I did however find some really over priced food. To be honest if I wasn’t on the dining plan I would have been a little upset. For the price, the food was not worth it.

The service was bad! You have a waiter and an assistant. The assistant was great. He was attentive and tried hard. It wasn’t easy for him because he struggled a little with English, but you could tell he really wanted to be helpful. Our waiter introduced himself, brought our food, and we never saw him again. I wish there had been a way to tip just the assistant. I guess I could have tried to slip him some money and left nothing at the table but that just seems sneaky.

Our waiter obviously didn’t care in the least. He was more than willing to let his assistant do all the work and then swoop in and collect the tip. You might be thinking that it’s the system. That, if you have a situation where you have a waiter and an assistant this would promote such an attitude. I’ve been on a number of cruises. Most cruises use this format in the dining room. It’s always worked and led to great service. The system works but any system will fail if you get a lazy individual who just wants to take advantage of someone else. I’ve had better service from the burping troll who works the express lane at Walmart (long story). It was a disappointing end to our final night in Disney World. You’d like things to go out with a bang not a fizzle.

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