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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Are you 23?

Ummm…I really don’t care. For those of you (like anyone is actually reading this) who haven’t heard of it, “Are you 23” is a viral marketing campaign that Disney is currently doing. If you Yahoo it you’ll end up at the site. You’ll notice that the only info provided is that question and that you can find out in March. That leads me to my response, I don’t care. Why don’t I care? Simple, if I cared I’d only be disappointed. That’s the problem with these campaigns. People go nuts trying to think of what it means and they start coming up with all sorts of crazy ideas. I’m going to throw some ideas out there just for fun. Some of these might be legit the others…not so much.

1 - The 23rd child of the nut job who gave birth to the octuplets. At this rate she’s only a few years away.

2 - Your IQ is 23. It’ll be Disney’s new promotion. If you’re dumb you get in FREE!

3 - You’re 23 and still in high school. It’s the premise for Disney’s “High School Musical” replacement series.

4 - A new 23 pack of Disney Blu-Ray movies. You can’t but them separately, you have to buy them together. Sadly this could actually be what the promotion is about.

5 - The 23rd person of low moral fiber to file a frivolous law suit against Disney this year because you forgot to read the warning sign and went on a ride that didn’t agree with you.

6 - The 23rd person who booked a vacation package for Mouse Fest without knowing it was canceled for 2009.

7 - 23rd person to get beat up by someone dressed as Pluto.

8 - The 23rd single father to hit on the lady playing one of the princesses, in the last 12 hours.

9 - The 23rd college student to die while “drinking around the world” in Epcot.

10 - The 23rd person to try to throw up in the American Pavilion while trying to eat around the world.

11 - The 23rd person to drink Maple Syrup in the Canada Pavilion because Len Testa did.

12 - The 23rd person to start a fist fight over a “Toy Story Midway Mania” score.

13 - 23 is the magical age that Disney throws out their child actors.

14 - Be the 23rd Disney starlet to have a topless photo leaked on the internet. Remember kids – think before you do something. That’s why you have a brain. You know what a brain is right?

15 - The 23rd person to receive a life long ban for trying to break into the Cinderella Castle Suite.

16 - The 23rd Steve Irwin fanatic to get arrested for trying to sneak onto Discovery Island because you heard there were crocs over there.

17 - The 23rd freak to get stopped at the gates while trying to smuggle in a mannequin.

18 - The 23rd butt-head to ask a cast member where Disney found the big chickens used to make the turkey legs.

19 - The 23rd idiot who doesn’t know the meaning of false advertising to sue because Space Mountain doesn’t send you into space and Disney is therefore guilty of false advertising.

20 - The 23rd person with cranial-rectal inversion to tell their friends that there are people living on Mars after riding Mission Space.

21 - Be the 23rd mental giant to try and argue that Disney World is the Magic Kingdom (actual conversation overheard in a queue in Magic Kingdom).

22 - Be the 23rd goober to try and order a turkey leg as an entre and a Dole Whip for desert at the California Grill.

23 - Meet Disney’s 23 new princesses and have the opportunity to buy all of there own signature merchandise! Collect them all and get a special prize!

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