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Friday, July 7, 2017

Where Did the Covers Come From?

World Killer

I took that photo.  What you are seeing is a basic straight razor you can buy on Amazon, a typical latex glove, and black ink.  The ink didn’t cover like I wanted it too, but some heavy processing in Lightroom took care of that.

Around the World

This is one is a generic fingerprint illustration that I edited after the fact and added some more details.  I had a hard time thinking of something more fitting to represent this book.  The finger print played such a large role; I had to go with it.

Imagineered Death

This one is just fun.  What you are looking at is actual binary code.  It spells out a sentence.  You can google a binary to English translator and enter that code to learn what it says.  It is something that plays into the story.


I knew what I wanted for this cover, but it fell flat.  This cover does not do the story justice.  Anyone who’s read this book knows exactly what this is a picture of.

The Shoals

I took this photo during an evening cruise around the Isle of the Shoals.  This is a photo of White Island.  I toned mapped this photo from three base photos.


I took this photo in my back yard during a thunderstorm.  Very little editing went into this photo.  A fun fact here – this photo is actually upside down.

Titan One

This is a real photo from NASA that I edited.  This is Saturn with its moon Titan in the foreground.

The Harvesters

This is not a real photo.  It’s an artist’s rendering of a super nova.  If you’ve read the book you know what this is the cover.


This is another artist’s rendering.  This is a DNA strand.  If you’ve read the book you know how important that turns out to be in this book.

CMDTA’s Pictoral Guide to Disney World

This is a photo I took in 2008 during the holiday season.  There is almost no editing here.  It’s really hard to edit a jpeg from a simple point and shoot camera.  If you try, a lot of noise will show up.

Misadventures in the White Mountains

I took this photo around the mid-2000s.  This is a photo of the upper section of the Boot Spur trail on Mt. Washington.

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