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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Review: Suncoast Casio - Las Vegas

Vegas has a massive selection of resorts.  Picking one can be a daunting task.  When deciding which one is the best fit, you need to first decide which of the five categories you would enjoy the most. 

The five categories are as follows:

1 - On Strip - MGM Grand, Paris, Stratosphere, etc.
These tend to be the most expensive but are also the most refined.

2 - Old Strip - Four Queens, Gold Nugget, etc.
Classic Vegas environment.  Wildest area to hang out in,

3 - Off Strip - Hooters, Hard Rock, etc.
Sometimes cheaper but not really in the thick of things.

4 - Satellite - Suncoast, etc.
Miles off the strip.  Sometimes they are very cheap.  Most laid back experience.

5 - Timeshare.
If you really love Vegas this might be an option.  If you hate Vegas, avoid these like the plague.

The Suncoast is miles off the strip.  In fact, the Suncoast is not even in Las Vegas.  It's in the neighboring town of Sumerlin. 

Before you rule out staying that far from the strip, consider this list of pros and cons.

1 - Numerous shuttles between the strip and the casino and airport.  All are free of charge.

2 - Large dining and shopping complex directly across the street and two other massive casinos within minutes. 

3 - Shocking amount of amenities inside of the casino itself.

4 - Rates below $50 a day.

5 - Free wifi.

Now let me explain a couple things.  The room rate does not count a resort fee.  Even considering the resort fee, it's not a bad rate.

The amenities here are excellent.  The include (but not exclusively) the following:

- A super cheap buffet of marginal quality.

- A TGI Fridays

-A decent sitdown cafe

- A decent Tex Mex restaraunt. 

- A giant Movie Theater with stadium seating.

- A huge bowling ally.

- A decent spa.

Okay, that's the short list.  There are a lot more that I didn't mention.  Another one I am going to mention is the small gift shop.  Now that might sound insane.  Why would I mention a small gift shop?  The alcohol prices.  I'm from NH.  We have cheap booze here because the state is the only one who sells hard alcohol.  Our prices are some of the best on the east coast.  I am almost convinced that the Suncoast sells their alcohol at cost.  It's hit or miss but some of the prices are crazy low.

The look of the Suncaost is okay. It's nothing fabulous.  They try to pull off an odd mix of modern and southwest.  One example is the stucco exterior mixed with light fixtures that look like they are out of the 1800s.  You can see an example of them here.  One strange thing about the exterior of the building is the natural grass.  Normally the casinos in Vegas use astro turf or another synthetic grass.  They do this because of the arid climate.  Inside there isn't anything to write home about.  There are a few nice features but overall it's a typical casino.  One thing I will say about the inside is that is seems clean.  I don't remember seeing anything that looked dirty.
The surroundings of casino are very nice.  It's closer to mountains and things are not as built up as they are on the strip itself.  This allows for some great sunrise and sunsets.  You can see one here.  The mountains have some red accents to them.  They really pop when the light hits.

If you like golf than you might really enjoy the Suncoast.  They have their own golf course and off some special rooms.  Some have a nice view of the course.  Others open up to the fairway.  The prices differ depending on what you want, but you can sometimes get a room with a view like this for next to nothing.

You can see a video review of one of the rooms here.
Overall the Suncoast is a viable option for anyone who wants to do Vegas on a dime but still experience Vegas.  As long as you are okay with not being on the strip,  check it out sometime.

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