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Monday, April 30, 2012

Twisted Disney: The John Carter of Books

It's official - "Twisted Disney" is a total bust!

It's truly ironic that "Twisted Disney" and John Carter both came out in the same month because they were both total failures.  Granted Twisted Disney only cost time while John Carter cost mad money. Still when a book makes a total of about $20 it's a failure.

I said that if "Twisted Disney" made $100 that I would write "CMDTA's Guide to Disney Dining" followed by "CMDTA's Pictorial Guide to Disney World."   Well don't worry that's not going to happen.  At this pace it would take about two years to make $100.

If you have been unfortunate to read "Twisted Disney" and for some reason liked it.  Please leave a review on Amazon.

If you want to be one of the people who has the misfortune or reading "Twisted Disney" just click the link below.  On plus side if you are a Amazon Prime member you can borrow if for free.

Twisted Disney

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