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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Disney Announces New Photo Pass System!

Disney announced this week that they are expanding their photo pass system to include ride photos and other photos that were kept separate before.

While this seemed harmless on the surface something didn’t seem right so I looked into it.

It turns out that the Photo Pass system is being enhanced in ways no one anticipated. Disney’s goal is to truly capture the Disney Vacation like never before. Disney wants you to be able to relive your memories through the photos you purchase.

How is Disney going to do this?

Disney has installed hidden cameras everywhere so ensure that there is nothing you can do on your vacation that they cannot capture. Cameras have been hidden in:

- The toll booths, parking lots, and traffic lights to capture all of your happy road rage memories.

- The ticket booths to capture you jaw drop when you find out how much it costs for your family of four to see Mickey.

- The bill folds they deliver your bill in at the table service locations. The look on your face when you see how much a Disney buffet cost is priceless.

- In the restrooms so you’ll remember where all that great food you ate on the dining plan ended up.

- In all of the stores so you can remember when you child threw a temper tantrum when you would not buy them insanely overpriced merchandise.

- In the showers so you can remember when you belted out for favorite tune to that bottle of Mickey Mouse shampoo.

- In the Mickey Ice Creams so you can see the inside of your mouth and chart it’s path through your body.

- In the pools so you can see the spot where you kid peed instead of going to the bathroom.

- In the Dole Whips so they can capture you mixing in that vodka nip you snuck past security.

- In the Hall of Presidents so you can remember when you took a nap.

As a bonus a cast member will sneak into your room after you fall asleep so you can have some nice photos of you after spending 12 hours in a theme park with over tired children, a spouse whose feet blistered after a few hours, and after you forgot the sun screen and got a raging sun burn.

With the updates to the system all Disney World vacationers will finally have the opportunity to relive every moment of their trips through the photos.

For everyone who does not purchase the Photo Pass Disney is setting up a new website where their most embarrassing moments will be shared with everyone.

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