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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dining Review: Le Cellier

Le Cellier has such a reputation among Disney fans that it’s hard to go their without preconceptions.   You go expecting everything to be perfect.  After all, to get in requires booking and ADR as soon as your window opens up.  Even then you might not get in.  Can Le Cellier live up to that kind of hype?
The Food:
The food at Le Cellier is very good and consistent.   If you like red meat this is the place for you.  It seems like everything on this menu was mad to clog your arteries.  Even the options that don’t involve meat like the cheddar cheese soup has enough fat to make you swoon but it sure is good to be bad every now and then.
As far as the entrees go I will warn any vegans that there is not one option available on the standard menu.  You will need to let them know (in advance would be best) that you would like a vegan option. The apps are not much better either.  None of them are vegan  but at least they can leave the cheese off on a number of them.
For desert you can nab a lovely indulgence called maple syrup crème brulee.  If you don’t like custard then go with the tri of chocolate.  There are some other options including a no sugar added mousse.
The Drinks:
Why did I put drinks in a different category?  Le Cellier has some of the best alcoholic beverages in Disney World.  It’s a hidden secret.  For example they offer a flight of Unibroue beers.  These are the best beers available in Disney World but be warned!  They will knock you on your butt.  They have almost as much alcohol as a wine.
You can also get a great flight of martinis.  My wife did that and loved them.  They really mix it up and offer a number of different choices.  It’s really too bad Le Cellier doesn’t have a bar you can just go to and order a drink.
The Atmosphere:
I’ve covered this before and the atmosphere in Le Cellier is decent.  There are a lot of exposed wood accents that give the place a feel like you are in a cellar or dark tavern.  My only problem with the atmosphere is it feels claustrophobic.  I’m not a claustrophobic person but I feel like I’m in bomb shelter when I’m in Le Cellier.  I think this is because of the comparatively low ceiling, dark tones, and somewhat small dining room.
The Service:
It’s hard to beat the service at Le Cellier.  The servers are not stuffy they are the polar opposite of Chefs de France (see my review of Chefs de France for more info).  They are warm and friendly and will interact with you.  They also always seem to be smiling.
The Cost:
Here is where Le Cellier falls short.  The prices here are insane.  It’s hard to justify the prices here.  They just keep creeping up and up.   Add that to the fact that now Disney charges two dining plan credits to eat here for dinner and you start to lose value fast.
In the end Le Cellier is a great restaurant but if you cannot get a lunch reservation you’re better off going to a different dining option for dinner.   The dinner is just too expensive to justify if you are on the dining plan and it will hurt your wallet if you are not on the dining plan.   It’s not like one of the signature dining locations at the resorts.  This is still a theme park dining location.

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