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Sunday, December 4, 2011

500 Posts: How Did This Happen?!?

How does this happen?  How does a blog this bad make it to 500 posts? I’m just stupefied.  I can’t believe I came up with this much stuff.

In the last 100 posts I did an in depth overview of my most recent (and possibly last) Carnival cruise vacation.  I explained the connection between the Beatles and Disney World.  I teased Len Testa and Lou Mongello again (like that shocked anyone). I caught Len Testa in his natural environment.  I started Park Wrecks.  I explained the connection between Disney World and resignation of Richard Nixion. I posted a bunch of videos photos. I also added some new dining reviews.

If you want me to stop too bad :P.  I've already had people complain.  I've also had people leave complaints about me emailing WDW Today too much.  I just want to clear something up.  I've only submitted one email in the last three months to WDW Today.  The problem is they are so backed up they are just catching up to emails I sent a year ago.

Ok so here they are - they last 100 posts:

Post #401
CMDTA on Vacation – Carnival VIP Check In
An overview of the VIP check in process on most Carnival ships

Post #402
CMDTA on Vacation – Carnival Miracle
My deck by deck overview of the Carnival Spirit

Post #403
Epic Mickey – Epic Fail
My review of the most disappointing game in recent history

Post #404
CMDTA on Vacation - Carnival Spirit Class Vista Suites
An overview of the Vista Suites on Carnival’s Spirit class ship.

Post #405
The Beatles and Disney World
I explain why the Beatles and Disney World will always be connected.

Post #406
CMDTA on Vacation – Carnival: The Food
An overview of the food on a Carnival Cruise.

Post #407
Photo of the Week – Universe of Energy
A nice photo of the Universe of Energy sign.

Post #408
Outsourcing – Disney’s Dark Side
A serious article about Disney’s biggest mistake.

Post #409
CMDTA on Vacation – Nick and Nora’s Steakhouse
An overview of the steakhouse on the Carnival Miracle.

Post #410
Disney Year in Review
My overview of 2010 Disney news.

Post #411
CMDTA on Vacation – St. Maarten – St. Martin
An overview of St. Maarten for poor people.

Post #412
CMDTA’s 1st Annual Disney Podcast Awards
The most ridiculous awards in the last two weeks!

Post #413
New Video Posted
I finally get around to uploading a new video to YouTube. This is my first HD YouTube video. It’s a nice overview of the White Mountains in the fall.

Post #414
CMDTA on Vacation: St. Kitts
I give an overview of the St. Kitts port area.  Beware the monkey people.

Post #415
CMDTA on Vacation: St. Lucia
An overview of the port area in St. Lucia.

Post #416
Photo of the Week: Walkway to the Magic Kingdom
A nice photo of the Monorail passing overhead.

Post #417
What Would You Do?
When booking early backfires.

Post #418
Photo of the Week – Epcot at Night
A cool photo of Spaceship Earth at night.

Post #419
CMDTA on Vacation – Carnival’s Entertainment
My overview of the entertainment Carnival provides on their cruises.

Post #420
CMDTA on Vacation – Carnival – To Do or Not to Do?
I finally answer the biggest question about Carnival.

Post #421
Mickey’s Toontown Fair is Officially Gone
I saw goodbye to toontown and explain why people get upset about ride closures.

Post #422
New Video Posted – Carnival Vista Suite Overview
An in-depth video of a Carnival Vista Suite.

Post #423
Snow White Bites the Apple
My overview of Snow White closing.

Post #424
New Video Posted – Sunset Over Ft. Lauderdale
A stylized video of a sunset over Fr. Lauderdale.

Post #425
Photo of the Week – Old School Flower and Garden Festival.
A photo taken at the Flower and Garden Festival in the late 90’s

Post #426
Why Can’t You Swim in the Lakes?
I explain why Disney doesn’t want you swimming in the lakes in this post.

Post #427
Mickey Arrested After Shocking Find in Demolished House
A fake news story about a discovery in the remains of Mickey's demolished house in Toontown Fair

Post #428
Renewing Your Passport Just Got a Tiny Bit Easier
I review a photo service I used when I renewed my passport.

Post #429
Photo of the Week - Old School Castle
A photo of Cinderella's Castle from the 1980's.

Post #430
Disney Announces First Ever Bad Bus Driver Challenge
A fake news story about bad bus drivers.

Post #431
Photo of the Week: Mini and Mickey
A photo from the Flower and Garden Festival

Post #432
Lumberjacks Protest New Le Cellier Dinner Menu
A fake news story about a bunch of smelly lumberjacks holding a protest in the Canada Pavilion

Post #433
Disney's First Online ADR System
I do an overview of the Disney first public ADR system.

Post #434
Photo of the Week - Funny Sign In Norway
A very ironic sign located in the Norway Pavilion

Post #435
Walt Disney and Salvador Dali: Oddest Couple Ever?
I do a review of Destino.

Post #436
Movies You Didn't See: The Sorcerer's Apprentice
My review of the Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Post #437
Song of the South Review
I review Song of the South on DVD

Post #438
Disney Announces New Theme Parks
A fake news story about Disney announcing some new theme park locations

Post #439
Movies You Didn't See: Secretariat
My review of Secretariat

Post #440
There's No Booze at Disneyland...Oh Wait Yes There Is...
I explain where you can get booze in Disneyland in this post.

Post #441
CMDTA's Cruise Tips
Some funny and fun cruise tips.

Post #442
Brazil Coming to World Showcase?
I explain why you shouldn't get excited about World Showcase rumors.

Post #443
Movies You Didn't See - Prince of Persia
My review of an awful movie.

Post #444
Disney Announces New "Gold Rooms" At the Grand Floridian
A fake news story about new rooms int he Grand Floridian

Post #445
Photo of the Week - Tower of Terror
A photo of the Tower of Terror in the morning.

Post #446
The Most Famous Line Ever Uttered at Disney World
Who said what?

Post #447
Upcoming Disney Reviews
A list of reviews that will start in October

Post #448
Disney Announces Seal Team Six Video Game
A fake news story about what Disney is going to do with the Seal Team Six name

Post #449
Photo of the Week - CMDTA on Vacation - Sunset at Sea
A nice photo of a sunset at sea

Post #450
Disney to Dam Up Rivers of America
A fake news story about damming up the Rivers of America

Post #451
Photo of the Week - Original Magic Kingdom Entrance
A photo of the Magic Kingdom entrance before the crowds ruined it.

Post #452
Vegas Releases Odds For Next Unofficial Guide Cover
A fake news story making fun of the cover of the Unofficial Guide.

Post #453
Ticket Price Increases - The Lazy Way of Generating Income
I explain how Disney could make a lot more by not raising ticket prices.

Post #454
Movie Review: Waking Sleeping Beauty
My overview of a very good Disney Documentary.

Post #455
Photo of the Week: Gone But Not Forgotten
A nice photo of the old Droid Room in the original Star Tours.

Post #456
Disney to Add Surcharge for "Husky" People
A fake news story about Disney's greed.

Post #457
Photo of the Week - The Poly
A nice photo from the Poly.

Post #458
CMDTA's Travel Tidbits: The Isles of the Shoals
A review of a tourist spot in Portsmouth, NH

Post #459
Disney Announces Brazilian Tour Group Day
A fake news story about an annoying issue.

Post #460
Photo of the Week - The Contemporary?!?
A surprising view from the Contemporary.

Post #461
Photo of the Week: The Contemporary Magic Kingdom View
The view you get of the Magic Kingdom from the Contemporary.

Post #462
If You Can't Afford to See the Help
A challenge.  Can you beat this challenge (you won't want to)?

Post #463
CMDTA's Guide to Disney Dining
A centralized list of Disney Dining reviews.

Post #464
Where are the Discounts?
An explanation as to why we don't see many discounts being offered.

Post #465
Disney On A Dime - Where to Stay
A review of one of the best values in Disney World.

Post #466
Review: The Dark Side of Disney
I do a review of the Disney travel book for people who don't like Disney.

Post #467
The Annual CMDTA Disney Podcast Awards
I do my annual podcast awards.

Post #468
Donald Duck Involved in Terrible Misunderstanding
A fake news story about Donald Duck and an "incident" at Conservation Station

Post #469
CMDTA Travel Tidbits: Vintange and Vine
An overview of an amazing event that takes place in Portsmouth NH

Post #470
Avatar Is Coming to the Animal Kingdom
An actual news story.

Post #471
Why Disney Needs Avatar
I explain why Disney hooked up with James Cameron

Post #472
Forty Years of Magic
My comments on the Magic Kingdom turning forty

Post #473
CMDTA Travel Tidbits - Champney Falls
An overview of a great waterfall.

Post #474
CMDTA's Photo Tips for the Average Joe: How Your Flash Works
An overview of most built in flashes and how they work

Post #475
CMDTA's Travel Tidbits - The Sandwich Fair
An overview of a country fair.  Includes pictures and a video.

Post #476
What To Do Three Days Before You Travel
Some good tips to follow when getting ready for a trip.

Post #477
Photo of the Week - Bay Lake at Sunset
An HDR photo of a sunset on Bay Lake.

Post #478
Len Testa is Real
A fake nature story about an elusive animal.

Post #479
Dining Review: The Brown Derby for Dinner (Worst Dining Experience to Date)
A shockingly bad experience at the Brown Derby.

Post #480
New Video Posted: Moroccan Belly Dancer
A decent video of the belly dancer in Morocco.

Post #481
New Video: Mariachi Cobre Part One
A nice video of the Mariachi band in Mexico.

Post #482
Photo of the Week - The Haunted Mansion at Night
A cool photo of the Haunted Mansion.

Post #483
Review of the Polynesian
An review of the Poly complete with photos and a video.

Post #484
October Snowfall Predicted 13 Months in Advance
A very freaky but true overview of my weather predictions.

Post #485
New Video Posted: Citizens of Hollywood - Chef Pulls Table Cloths
A decent video of a performance by the Citizens of Hollywood

Post #486
New Video Posted: Fountain of Nations at Night
A nice video of the Fountain of Nations.

Post #487
Photo of the Week: Big Thunder Mountain
A nice black and white photo of Big Thunder Mountain.

Post #488
New Video Posted: Glass Working at the Mexico Pavilion
A cool video of someone making a glass rose in the Mexico Pavilion.

Post #489
Dining Review: LIberty Tree Tavern
A review of the lunch offered at the Liberty Tree Tavern.

Post #490
New Video Posted: Illuminations Globe Up Close
A cool video of how the Illuminations globe makes it into the lake.

Post #491
Review of Star Tours the Adventure Continues
My thoughts on the new Star Tours.

Post #492
Dining Review: Biergarten
A detailed review of Biergarten with multiple pictures and two videos.

Post #493
New Video Posted - The Seas Lockout Tank
A cool video of from the Seas Pavilion.

Post #494
Dining Review: Yak and Yeti
I hit Yak and Yeti again.  Will it be as bad as last time?

Post #495
New Video: The Ziti Sisters in 1080p
A funny video of the Ziti Sisters.

Post #496
Video Posted: Broke Splash Mountain in 1080p HD
A HD video of Splash Mountain in a sorry state.

Post #497
Introducing - Park Wrecks!
A funny new website dedicated to the worst dressed people in Disney World.

Post #498
Photo of the Week: The Haunted Mansion
A nice black and white photo of the Haunted Mansion.

Post #499
Photo of the Week: Big Thunder Mountain Sepia
A nice shot of Big Thunder Mountain in a sepia tone.

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