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Monday, November 7, 2011

Dining Review: LIberty Tree Tavern

The Magic Kingdom is not known for it's quality dining.  The Crystal Palace is an overrated buffet, Cinderella's Castle is an over priced joke of a meal, and Tony's is...Tony's.

If you do not want quick service food what are you going to do?

Go to the Liberty Tree Tavern for lunch.

The Liberty Tree Tavern offers the best menu in the Magic Kingdom.   If you are a meat and potatoes kind of person you will love the menu.  From a classic turkey dinner to pot roast this dining location has it.

For an app we ordered the fried cheese.  This is beyond just your typical fried cheese sticks.  There are some great cheese balls with them.  The marinara sauce is nothing to write home about.  If I had to guess it's out a jar and just warmed up.

For my main course I got the turkey. In the past I'd gotten the pot roast so I wanted to try something new.  The turkey wasn't bad but it seemed like it was sliced in advanced.  In fact everything about the meal seemed prepared in advance.  Nothing seemed like it was cooked to order.  The gravy seemed like it was out box or jar and had a fake consistency.  The potatoes were almost certainly out of a box.

Now all of the prepared in advance food might sound bad but the food tasted good.  Everything was enjoyable.  I couldn't complain about anything.

For desert I got the Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake.  I don't know if this was made in advance or not.  It was awesome.  This cake is just dangerous. It's one of the best deserts I had on my entire trip and I hit 16 different dining locations.

The atmosphere in the Liberty Tree Tavern is great.  Between the dark wood and rustic colonial decor it really makes you feel like you stepped out of the Magic Kingdom and into a colonial kitchen / dining room.  The layout isn't bad either.  The only odd thing is the location of the restrooms.  They are up above the restaurant.  To get there you have to climb a flight of stairs, take a left, take another left, go up some stairs and you are there.  It's just a strange location.

The service in the Liberty Tree Tavern was also very good.  The cast member who waited on us was very friendly and attentive.  If all cast members were like this it would be a blessing.

My only complaint about the Liberty Tree Tavern is an odd one.  This complaint also applies to a bunch of the dining locations in Disney World.  They go through great pains to theme a location.  Between the decor and the way they cast members are dressed Disney goes all out.  The only problem is they have someone walking around with with a table logging tablet.  When you are supposed to be in colonial America it kind of blows the theming to have someone walk around with a portable computer.

Overall the Liberty Tree Tavern is the best table dining location in the Magic Kingdom.  If you want a sit down meal make sure to hit the lunch here.  Beware of the dinner you can't order off of the menu at dinner.

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