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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Disney to Dam Up Rivers of America

Disney announced today that they plan to build a dam across the Rivers of America in Frontier Land at the Magic Kingdom.

"We have so many river and water rides here at Disney World it's started to put a strain on the local water system.  To put it simply we need more water.  A dam will give us the extra water we need," stated Disney fan favorite Dumbo.

When asked how building a dam in an artificial body of water with no natural inlets would help the water problem Disney experts were at a loss.

"We believe this will increase the water table here.  In fact it will create so much water the Magic Kingdom will be placed under three feet of water," explained Dumbo.

When asked how putting the Magic Kingdom under three feet of water would help anything Dumbo responded, "It'll be the coolest theme park ever!  It'll be like Water World, only in Disney."

The dam should be in place in time for the Fantasy Land Expansion to open up in 2012.  My 2013 the Magic Kingdom should be under water.

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