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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mickey Arrested After Shocking Find in Demolished House

Fan favorite Mickey Mouse was arrested and charged with counterfeiting after a shocking discovery in the basement of his recently demolished home.

Authorities were called to Mickey's demolished home in the former Toontown Fair area of the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World around noon yesterday. A trap had been discovered in the ruins which led workers to a vault containing hundreds of counterfeit mouse ears.

"We knew something odd was going on when Mickey kept trying to scale the fence to get to his house in the former Toontown Fair," stated head of security Grumpy Dwarf.

The street value of the ears is estimated to be around 45,000 when compared to the ears Disney sells in their stores.

"I never thought knew there was so much money in ears.  I've always stuck to smuggled gems but now I'm thinking twice," stated Doc Dwarf.  

Authorities would not comment on how long they feel Mickey had been bootlegging the ears but did say all the facts would be brought to light when the trial starts.

If convicted on all charges Mickey could be facing a prison term of 5 to 10 years.

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