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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lumberjacks Protest New Le Cellier Dinner Menu

A group of smelly Lumberjacks recently showed up in Epcot to protest Le Cellier's new dinner menu. 

"We feel this new menu doesn't represent a classic Canadian Steakhouse.  Know what I mean, ehh?" stated one of the protesters.

As many know Le Cellier recently overhauled their dinner menu after raising the cost of dinner to two Disney Dining Plan credits and labeling the restaurant as a Signature Dining location.

The new menu which can be seen here, was overhauled to better reflect an upscale dining experience.  In the process some new menu items were added, some taken away, and the price adjusted on others.

"When I look at this new menu I see a lot of tree hugging hippy crap and not a lot of the good old soul food that we hard working individuals love to eat while watching hockey," explained a lumberjack with a massive mullet.

The lumberjacks were really drawing a crowd in the Canada Pavilion.  Between the flannel shirts, work boots, and hillbilly waterfalls many people have been showing up to take photos.

"It's great!  Some of them even brought their hockey sticks in case it got cold enough for the world showcase lagoon to freeze over.  I get the feeling none of them have ever been to Florida before," said one of the many Epcot visitors gathered to watch the protesters.

It's not known if anything will come of the protests but for now the Canada Pavilion will have some extra entertainment for everyone to enjoy.

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