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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Carnival = Poor Conflict Resolution

Carnival is in a cut-throat industry.  Typical wisdom would tell you that you need to do what you can to make your customers happy.  Throughout the history of business the best way to do that is live by the famous saying, “the customer is always right.” 

Carnival does not follow this creed.  In fact Carnival will argue with you to convince you that you are wrong.  I found this when I discovered a problem with my original stateroom.  In my opinion (and my travel agents as well) my stateroom was not as described.  In fact its description was very deceptive and had an undisclosed obstructed view.

I may not know much but I do know one thing.  A stairwell outside your window is an obstructed view. 

So what did Carnival do to fix the situation?  Charged me $400 to get into a decent stateroom or take a lower category stateroom.  I am being very serious here.  Carnival did absolutely nothing to take care of my problem.  They wouldn’t even admit there was a problem with the room and insisted that no one had complained about the room.  In fact many people had complained about the room. All I had to do was Google my stateroom number and an insane number of hits popped up. I found a shocking number of people who ran into the same problem I did.

You might think they treat their loyal customer’s better right?  Wrong.  This was our 7th cruise with Carnival and after being treated like this I think it’s safe to say it’s our last.

You might wonder what kind of stateroom did we book, was it one of the cheap ones?  We booked a suite. So keep that in mind. Carnival is so greedy they will do NOTHING for a loyal customer who booked an expensive stateroom and has a problem.

How much time was wasted trying to find out Carnival would do nothing?  Hours were wasted.  My travel agent called many times spending hours talking to different people.  She even called her agency rep and got the same results. I spent hours supporting her by digging up information and researching what Carnival should have disclosed up front.

Keep in mind that Carnival normally offers a good value.  A good value as long as nothing goes wrong.

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