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Monday, October 4, 2010

20 Signs You Might Be Obsessed

There is a fine line between being a fan and being dangerously obsessed with something. For example a fan buys their favorite band’s songs, maybe a t-shirt, and if you really like them you might go to a concert to see them live. The obsessed fan follows the band from city to city, stalks the band members, and has delusions of being in a relationship with one of the band members.

How do you know when you’ve gone from Disney fan to Disney obsessed? There are a few signs to look out for:

1 – You buy an annual pass but don’t live near Disney and won’t be visiting Disney to use it.

2 – You’ve spent most people’s annual income on pins.

3 – You bought one of the new princess inspired wedding gowns.

4 – You booked a wedding package at the Grand Floridian but don’t even have a boyfriend / girlfriend yet.

5 – You can name a majority of the furnishings in Mickey’s House at the former Toon Town Fair but can’t name ten in your own home.

6 – You’ve had your picture taken with more than thirty Disney characters.

7 – You have multiple Disney related tattoos.

8 – You wore your mouse ears in the shower.

9 – You listen to more than 10 Disney podcasts each week.

10 – You own every Disney movie in multiple formats.

11 – You’ve watched nothing but Disney related entertainment for more than 24 straight hours.

12 – You get violent and normally end up under arrest when a ride is closed or redesigned.

13 – You once tried to rip a characters costume off and yelled “You’re not doing it right!”

14 – You are physically attracted to a non-human Disney character.

15 – You think Lou Mongello is an amateur.

16 – You logged more hours in the parks than Len Testa last year.

17 – You’ve lost a job because of Disney.

18 – You won’t eat ice cream unless its chocolate covered, on a stick, and in the form of mouse ears.

19 – You have your own Dole Whip machine.

20 – You were put under suicide watch after the Adventures Club closed.

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