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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lou Mongello’s Best Idea EVER

As you may already know I like to make fun of WDW Radio host Lou Mongello from time to time. At times he makes it very easy. His love…and I mean love…of Disney cuisine, his, at times, unintentionally funny videos, and his ability to somehow get huge interviews have all provided fodder over the years.

Despite what you think I don’t just make fun of people. I give props when someone does something good.

In episode 187 of the WDW Radio Show Lou had an idea that really impressed me. A listener posed the question: “If you could build a restaurant into one attraction which one would it be?”

I was trying to think of one and the ideas I came up with was either Pirates or the Jungle Cruise but both would be hard to do right. Lou had a better idea. He suggested putting an imagination themed dining location in the glass pyramid / second floor of the imagination pavilion.

Now think about that for a minute. Imagine the Monorail driving by, the lights at night, the great views, and if angled correctly – Illuminations viewing. I don’t doubt for a minute that this would become one of the most difficult places to get and ADR in all of Disney World. I’d even go as far as to suggest that it should be high end dining and two table service credits on the dining plan. You can do that because people would pay it.

Now I’ll take his idea a couple steps further. For lunch make it a character dining experience with Figment and friends. Do tricks with the food. Top Chef does a challenge where you make one food look like something else. That would fit perfectly here. Imagine eating something that looks like a cucumber but it’s really colored and formed mash potatoes. Stuff like that. Also make a lot of food funky colors like normal wheat bread that has been colored blue with food coloring or a cheese bisque that has been colored to look like split pea soup. This would really take that imagination idea to the next level.

Ok maybe I just hijacked Lou’s idea but I still give him props for coming up with one of the best Disney related ideas I’ve heard in quite a while.

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  1. Thanks for listening to the show and for the compliments for the idea in your post. Even before the email came into the show, it's been something I'd been dreaming about (hoping for?) for some time.

    The location is perfect, the environment is unique and beautiful, and the theming possibilities are endless! Imagine Figment (heck, even the Dreamfinder!?) walking around, taking pictures, etc.

    Yeah, I'd even eat a blue potato [referencing the old Figment film] ;)