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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kodak Flees the Scene

Years after funding the worst ride overhaul in the history of Walt Disney World, Kodak has ended their sponsorship of the Imagination Pavilion.

There is a long, well documented history of the downward spiral of this pavilion. I encourage everyone to look into it. It’s quite the story and less believable than half the stuff I write on this blog.

The best overview was done by the guys over at Walt Disney World News Today. They did a back to the future episode on the imagination pavilion that was epic.

I had a good laugh when I heard that Kodak had ended its sponsorship. Why? Because they didn’t state a reason for ending the sponsorship. For once a company just laid it out like it was. They didn’t need to state a reason. Everyone knows why they dropped it. If you don’t know why then ask yourself who would want to sponsor that pavilion. The answer is simple – NO ONE!

It’s a real shame too. From the outside it’s the most attractive pavilion in Future world. It’s too bad the inside is rotten to the core.

The other sad thing about Kodak pulling out is the history involved. Since Epcot opened Kodak has been there. They’ve been a huge supporter of Disney through the years. I bought my first camera and film from a Kodak booth in Epcot when I was a kid. I know times have changed and Kodak is a shell of what they once were but it’s always hard to say goodbye to someone you’ve been with for over twenty years.

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